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ComColor's Environmental performance

Eco-friendly high-speed color printer ComColor series

Overwhelming print speed and excellent durability

The ComColor series are eco-friendly high-speed color printers. In addition to overwhelming print speed, they are excellent in durability and realize efficiency of mass printing work.

  • *1: Available on ComColor GD9630/9631. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard density setting, and using the Face Down Tray. Based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of September 2016(Source: RISO data).
  • *2: It is achieved by our durability test. When 2 million pages are used, refresh work is carried out.Product life will vary depending on product usage situation
  • *3: Available on ComColor FW5230/FW5231. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard density setting, and using the Face Down Tray.


A Safer, More Comfortable Work Environment

Certified for Eco Mark under new standards

Oil base pigment ink used for the ComColor series, "RISO GD Ink" and "RISO FW ink" emits less TVOCs in an office during printing work than conventional one, giving more safety and comforts at workplaces. In addition, the ORPHIS GD series * with RISO GD ink and the ORPHIS FW series * with RISO FW ink acquire Eco Mark certification, under which standards of TVOC emission and resource circulation are especially strict from a global environmental point of view.
*ORPHIS GD/FW is Japanese equivalent of the ComColor GD/FW

Acquire Eco Mark certification of stricter standard than before

What Is VOC?

VOC is an abbreviation of Volatile Organic Compounds. Specific VOCs found in paint, adhesives, cleaning agent and other materials diffuse into the air and are considered to cause sick-house syndrome. The entire amount of various types of VOCs in a room is referred to as total VOCs, or TVOCs.


Contribution to Environment with Energy Saving Functions

High-Speed but Low Energy consumption

The ComColor Series use an inkjet system that does not require heat when fixing images on to the paper,which contributes to keeping down the overall energy consumption, even when printing at maximum speed. For the ComColor GD 9630/9631, power consumption is 0.15Wh/page or less and for the ComColor FW5230, 0.23Wh/page or less. *1

orphis GD Fuel consumption orphis FW Fuel consumption
  • *1: Calculated by dividing the TEC value by pages printed for a week. For the ComColor GD7330, power consumption is 0.23Wh/page or less, for all the ComColor GD series, the TEC value is 9.5Wh/week or less and for all the ComColor FW series, the TEC value is 8kwh/week or less.
  • *2: Achieved when the ComColor GD without options is used
  • *3: Achieved when the ComColor FW without options is used
  • TEC: TEC stands for Typical Electricity Consumption. It is a standard used by the international Energy Star program under Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)for energy-efficiency office equipment. TEC values for printers measure the total energy consumption in a typical week (consisting of switching between regular operation and sleep/off for 5 days a week and staying in sleep/off steadily for 2 days a week).

Power-Saving Features and Power Schedule Function

By setting "backlight off" and "auto-sleep" under the power-saving settings, power usage can be reduced. Power consumption can be even further reduced by using power schedule functions to automatically switch sub power on or off at set times, individually configurable for each day of the week.

Other functions related to energy saving

  • Draft printing function
  • Sample copying
  • Duplex copying
  • Combining pages
  • Image repeat printing
  • Color/Black and white judgment function
  • Blank page detection
  • Scan Data Transfer System and other saving functions

    Effective Utilization of Resources through Recycling

    Recycling ink cartridges

    RISO is promoting collection and recycling of used ink cartridges(within Japan).Ink cartridges are made of cardboards, which have high recyclability.




    Qualified for Environmental labels and complied to directives

    ECO Mark


    Products certified by the Japan Environment Association in recognition of their usefulness in preserving the environment by decreasing environmental burden throughout the product lifecycle, from manufacturing to disposal.
    Compatible series : ORPHIS GD/FW series main unit, RISO GD/FW ink

    Blue Angel


    European specification "ComColor" acquired Blue Angel certification. Blue Angel is an environmental label that can be used only for products and services that the German government considers environmentally conscious. It has maintained independence and reliability for the world's first environmental label for over 35 years.
    Compatible models: ComColor FW5230/5231

    Law on Promoting Green Purchasing-Compliant Products

    Specified product procurement items and criteria for products that are compliant with the Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities (Law on Promotion Green Purchasing)
    Compatible series: ORPHIS GD/FW series main unit, RISO GD/FW ink

    RoHS Directive

    European Union directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances electrical and electric equipment
    Compatible series : ComColor GD/FW series main unit, ComColor GD/FW series option, RISO GD/FW ink


    Universal Design Accessibility


    With operational color design authorized by Color Universal Design Organization, operation parts are arranged for easy identification and with consideration for people with color vision deficiency.
    *Color Universal Design is a certification in Japan.


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