Advantage 2: Broad Compatibility

Compatibility with a wide variety of your printing needs
  • Advantage 1: High Productivity
  • Advantage 2: Broad Compatibility
  • Advantage 3: Diverse Options

Designed for Paper Compatibility

Broad Compatibility with Light-Weight Paper, Thick Stock, Envelopes and More

Thanks to precise paper path mechanisms, ComColor is compatible with a broad range of papers, from light-weight to thick stock and envelopes*1. ComColor's compatibility allows for in-house creation of a wide variety of printing materials.

  • *1:May be incompatible with some varieties of envelopes.
  • *Separately sold options necessary.

Inks to resist see-through to the page's reverse

Ink drops(image)

The ink's surface viscidity has been increased to prevent see-through to the page's reverse. Since the ink also dries more quickly, beautiful duplex print jobs can now be handled faster.

Continuous Feeding (with Identical Paper Size Loaded)

The three front paper feed trays and standard tray can be loaded with identical paper sizes for continuous feeding. Additional paper may also be loaded while printing is under way. ComColor features stable, high-speed paper feeding while avoiding problems such as double feeding.

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Easy-to-Use, Durable & Reliable Printing Features

Exceptional Usability and Visibility through Color LCD Control Panel

A color LCD control panel for direct touch operation of a diverse range of functions comes as standard ComColor equipment. Frequently used functions can be saved to shortcut keys and buttons used most often are displayed at the top of the screen, for increased usability. The visibility of controls and the shape of adjoining keys, such as start and stop keys, have been designed so as to make buttons easier to distinguish.

Color Universal Design

Stable, High-Speed High-Volume Printing

ComColor is engineered for high-production environments and built to last. Proven durability guarantees millions of prints.

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Convenient and Efficient Printing Solution

  • Direct Printing from USB Memory

    Compatible with direct printing of data*1 saved to USB memory, high-quality printing is possible with ComColor even when not connected to a network environment. Additionally, the included RISO USB Memory Manager utility software can be used to preview USB data and manage folders.

    • *1:A dedicated printer driver is used for data storage.
    • *Common USB drives may be used, but RISO cannot guarantee compatibility for all products.
  • 3mm Margin Print Area

    Paper output direction.Maximum printable area for A3-size

    Maximum printable area is 314mm x 548mm(12 3/8" x 21 9/16")*1. Using A3 wide, with the area, full A3 printing is possible. Standard margin width of 3mm, with wider 1mm*2 margin print area also available.

    • *1:When using ComColor 9150/9110/7150/7110.
    • *2:When using applications compatible with 1mm margin settings. Depending on the document being printed, cutoff or smudging may occur. The margin for envelope printing is 10mm.
  • Draft Print Feature for Conserving Ink

    Reducing more ink used when copy and pause function for draft printing is available. Conserving ink allows for more economical high-volume printing.

    • *Feature limited to printer driver.
  • Data Compression Increases Network Performance

    Print data can be compressed for smaller file sizes. Compressing high-volume print data helps to reduce network burdens.

    • *Feature limited to printer driver.

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Office Printing Solutions for Fast Creation of Business Tools

  • Neat Stacking of High-Volume Printing such as FlyersOption

    The fence position can adjust automatically to the paper size in use, neatly stacking and organizing your high-volume prints. Press the open button when printing is finished to open the fence and easily remove documents.

  • Adjustable Print Density for Bar-Code

    Usual Print Area Dapends on printer driver setting. Bar-Code Area Printed a little bit lighter than other area.

    By setting the area in which your bar-code will be printed, the print density can be adjusted suitable for bar-code reading.

  • Line Smoothing Feature

    Line smoothing Off. Line smoothing On.

    A feature for smoother printing of font or image outlines is available. Select from two settings, low or high.

    • *When using line smoothing printing may require more time to print.
    • *Feature limited to printer driver.
  • Compatible with a Range of Papers Including Envelopes and Postcards

    ComColor offers high-volume printing on a variety of paper types, including envelopes, postcards and card stock. An image processing feature is also included to eliminate smudging and blurring of images when printing on envelopes.

    • *May be incompatible with some varieties of envelopes, postcards, etc.
    • *Optional accessories are necessary for envelope, postcard and card stock printing.
    • *When printing on envelopes, postcards and so on, paper jams or smearing may occur due to shape, condition, storage conditions, etc. Fixing creases and bends in the paper may help to alleviate these problems, but RISO cannot guarantee successful printing for all items.
  • Image Processing Feature for Adjusting Color Tone

    Coloring for print data can be adjusted by setting brightness, chroma, contrast and gamma values. Settings are also available for print density, halftone and so on.

    • *Feature limited to printer driver.
  • Custom Registration of Up to 99 Paper Sizes

    Up to 99 custom paper sizes may be registered, for better convenience when printing on a variety of non-standard sizes.

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To those considering purchasing ComColor

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