Printing Image Resolution 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Print Paper Weight 46 – 120 gsm
Print Paper Size Minimum 420 mm x 297 mm
Maximum 624 mm x 432 mm
Printing Area 596 mm x 425 mm
Paper Supply Capacity 1,000 sheets (64gsm-80gsm) / Maximum Height 110 mm
Paper Receiving Tray Load Capacity 1,000 sheets (64gsm-80gsm) / Maximum Height 110 mm
Master-making Time Within 60 seconds
Print Speed 60, 80, 100 sheets per minute (three steps variable)
Print Position Adjustment Vertical: ±15mm, Horizontal: ±10mm*1
User Interface LED panel with Progress Arrow indicators
Functions Idling, Print speed adjustment, Print density adjustment, Print position adjustment, Confidential mode, Programmed printing (1 type), Custom setting mode, RISO i Quality System, Auto-shut OFF, Auto-process, Proof, Clear job, Double feed check, Paper ejection adjustment, Imposition, 180-degree rotation, Marginless master making, Job settings, Screening type (Grain-touch/Screen-covered), Photo type (Standard/Close-up/Group), Brightness, Contrast, Backlight correction, Edge enhancement, Tone smoothing, Line art style (Grain-touch/Screen-covered/Solid-look), Text style (Bold/Slim)
Color Change Change Cartridge Drum
Ink Supply Fully automatic (1000 ml per cartridge)
Master Supply/Disposal Fully automatic (Approx. 100 sheets per roll)
Master Disposal Capacity 25 sheets
Supported OS Windows® XP (32-bit)
Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® 8 (32-bit/64-bit)*2
Windows® 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit)*2
Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Noise*3 Less than 72dB when printing
Power Source 100V-240V, 3.5-1.5A, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 350W (100V) / 320W (220V), (At Ready: Approx. 52W (100V/220V))
Dimensions When in use: 1,435 (W) x 1,030 (D) x 735 (H) mm
When in storage: 780 (W) x 1,030 (D) x 635 (H) mm
Required Space 1,665 (W) x 1,940 (D) x 970 (H) mm
Weight*4 Approx. 200 kg
  • *1: When the printing paper is 604 mm or less in width.
  • *2: Incompatible with Microsoft® Windows® RT.
  • *3: When printing 80 sheets per minute.
  • *4: Excluding the weight of ink and master roll.

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