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RISO's History

2003 - Another Growing Stage - Challenging New Markets with a New Generation of Business Printers

RISO ME series

RISO ME series

Jun., 2003    …   Established RISO INDUSTRIES(H.K.)LTD.

Oct., 2003    …   Launched a new inkjet digital Print Gocco, Print Gocco jet V-10,
                            equipped with a special flatbed scanner

Dec., 2003    …   Launched RISO HC series of high-speed color inkjet printers

Jan., 2004    …   Launched RISO SOY INK COLOR
                            Launched a compact paper folder ORIHIME AF-03

ComColor series

ComColor series

Jun., 2004    …   Launched RISO RZ series

Dec., 2004    …   Launched outer press system one-pass two-color digital duplicator
                            RISO MZ series
Dec., 2006    …   Established RISO INDIA PVT. LTD.

Dec., 2006    …   Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
                            Obtained company-wide single registration of ISO14001 certification
                            at domestic business sites

ComColor FW

ComColor FW

Feb., 2007    …   Launched RISO CZ180

May., 2007    …   Launched a personal handheld scanner scamo

Feb., 2009    …   Launched ComColor series

Oct., 2009    …   Established RISO LATIN AMERICA,INC.

Jan., 2010    …   Launched RISOGRAPH MD series

ComColor GD series

ComColor GD

Apr., 2010    …   Established RISO EURASIA LLC

Oct., 2010    …   Launched RISOGRAPH SD series

Apr., 2011    …   Launched GOCCOPRO 100 digital screen maker.

Jun., 2011    …   Established RISO INDUSTRY(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.



Apr., 2012    …   Established RISO INDUSTRIES(SHENZHEN)LTD.

Jan., 2013    …   Launched new ComColor series

May., 2013    …   Completed Riso Research and Design Center in Ibaraki prefecture

Nov., 2013    …   Launched digital duplicator RISO A2 handles A2 size printing

Dec., 2013    …   Established RISO EURASIA UKRAINE LLC

Feb., 2014    …   Launched GOCCOPRO QS200

May., 2014    …   Launched RISO ME series
                            Launched RISO SE series

Apr., 2015    …   Established RISO(SG)PTE.LTD.

Jan., 2015    …   Launched RISO CV3230

Mar., 2016    …   Established RISO TURKEY BASKI COZUMLERI A.S.

Jun., 2016    …   Launched ComColor FW series

Aug., 2016    …   Launched RISO SF series

Sep., 2016    …   Launched ComColor GD series

Sep., 2017    …   Launched GOCCOPRO QS2536

The product release dates given in the above chronological table are only applicable in Japan.

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