RISO's History

2003 - Another Growing Stage - Challenging New Markets with a New Generation of Business Printers

Jun., 2003 Established RISO INDUSTRIES(H.K.)LTD.

RISO ME series

ComColor series

ComColor FW

  • ComColor FW


ComColor GD series

  • ComColor GD
Oct., 2003 Launched a new inkjet digital Print Gocco, Print Gocco jet V-10, equipped with a special flatbed scanner
Dec., 2003 Launched RISO HC series of high-speed color inkjet printers
Jan., 2004 Launched RISO SOY INK COLOR
Launched a compact paper folder ORIHIME AF-03
Jun., 2004 Launched RISO RZ series
Dec., 2004 Launched outer press system one-pass two-color digital duplicator RISO MZ series
Dec., 2006 Established RISO INDIA PVT. LTD.
Dec., 2006 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Obtained company-wide single registration of ISO14001 certification at domestic business sites
Feb., 2007 Launched RISO CZ180
May, 2007 Launched a personal handheld scanner scamo
Feb., 2009 Launched ComColor series
Oct., 2009 Established RISO LATIN AMERICA,INC.
Jan., 2010 Launched RISOGRAPH MD series
Apr., 2010 Established RISO EURASIA LLC
Oct., 2010 Launched RISOGRAPH SD series
Apr., 2011 Launched GOCCOPRO 100 digital screen maker.
Jun., 2011 Established RISO INDUSTRY(THAILAND)CO.,LTD.
Jan., 2013 Launched new ComColor series
May, 2013 Completed Riso Research and Design Center in Ibaraki prefecture
Nov., 2013 Launched digital duplicator RISO A2 handles A2 size printing
Dec., 2013 Established RISO EURASIA UKRAINE LLC
Feb., 2014 Launched GOCCOPRO QS200
May, 2014 Launched RISO ME series
Launched RISO SE series
Apr., 2015 Established RISO(SG)PTE.LTD.
Jan., 2015 Launched RISO CV3230

Mar., 2016

Jun., 2016 Launched ComColor FW series
Aug., 2016 Launched RISO SF series
Sep., 2016 Launched ComColor GD series

The product release dates given in the above chronological table are only applicable in Japan.

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