Support for environmental education

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION provides environmental educations for our employees to raise their environmental awareness, as well as for their practices of the environment protection activities. Such educations also cover environmental regulations and environmental internal audit procedure.

Publication of Environment Reports

Environment Reports

RISO issued our first "Environmental report 2004" of Japanese version in August 2004. Since then, we have issued annual reports to introduce our principle to the environment protection, as well as our social contributions. An English version in addition to the issue only of a Japanese version till then has been issued since 2008.

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Environmental Learning Support

RISO views printing as an important form of communication. Using the opportunities provided by its participation and cooperation in environmental education, learning sessions, and seminars at schools, RISO disseminates information relating to environment-friendly printing.

Since fiscal 2005, RISO has helped with an environmental education program offered by Masugata Junior High School.


In November of fiscal 2014, we held Environmental Workshops on the theme of "Studying the Past and Present of Printing with a Hands-on Approach to Environmentally Friendly Printing."
35 junior high school students, from grades seven to nine, participated, learning about the history of printing and environmentally friendly printing methods.
As a practical element of the lessons, the children created their own newspapers using mimeograph and RISO Digital Duplicator printing, giving them hands-on experience in printing processes and evolutions in printing.

Participation in and Support for Environmental Events

Environmental Events

RISO is positive for publishing our corporate reports via various media or events as a part of our public relations activities so that our effort for environmental protection activities becomes familiar to general consumers. In addition, we support several environmental education opportunities.

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