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Vol.1 Focusing on developing products from the customer's point of view.

Taken customer value proposition into consideration throughout the development process.

Our first priority in the development of a new ComColor was the creation of a printer from the customer's point of view. In order to meet this challenge, we began a series of investigations into how to best realize customer feedback, setting our new concept, framework and goal as the development of a printer which offers greater productivity to our customer's print work.

The faster the print speed is the sooner the print job completes.

ComColor's strength is its ability to provide fast and low-cost full color printing. This has been true of the ComColor series since its first inception. With the newest ComColor line, we shifted our focus from the high speed which already realized by previous models to higher productivity, reducing total downtime and increasing output print speed by developing new features and functions designed to reduce hassle and to complete tasks sooner. Achieving these goals required cooperation and results from each and every team involved in development. While there were many difficulties to face along the way, the excitement of creating a better product was an important part of every day.

Realizing greater productivity.

In order to make the most of ComColor's high speed and allow the customer to achieve their desired results across a range of purposes, we adopted a new technical approach, expanding our lineup of peripherals, matching inks and papers, and developing ComColor's image processing capabilities. We're confident that these new functions will allow customers using ComColor to raise their work productivity to even greater levels.

Continued in Interview with the Development Team, Volume 2

Vol.2 Meeticng the new challenge of fast printing for light-weight paper.

Bringing fast, high-output printing to light-weight paper.

One of the advantages offered by ComColor is its ability to handle light-weight paper. Light-weight paper is less bulky, even when printing multiple pages, making it convenient for filing and archival. Light-weight paper is also making it easier to carry and haul than regular paper, meaning that the use of light-weight paper can reduce both storage space and shipping weights. With this in mind, we worked to develop paper path and inks for the ComColor better suited to light-weight paper printing.

Designing versatile paper path capable of handling various type of paper.

Depending on thickness, quality or even production region, different papers have their own unique characteristics. Offering consistent printing across this range of papers is a complicated task. With the ComColor series, we focused on the creation of paper path capable of moving different papers through the machine without tears, creases or other distortions. However, the ability to handle light-weight paper required more than a well-designed paper path. Coordination of mechanical design and supply technologies was also key.

Developing inks to better accommodate duplex printing.

ComColor ink has always been optimally suited for high speed inkjet printing, but further development of inks specially suited to duplex printing of light-weight paper became necessary. To meet this challenge we revised all involved processes, from raw material design down to production methods.

Multiple prototypes created according to stringent standards.

Predicting a wide variety of storage conditions, we perfected our newest series of ink by experimenting with products capable of performing even after exposure to adverse situations such as cold or heat. In order to achieve a superior ink we repeated the process of prototyping many times over, pouring our deliberation and care into the final product.

For perfect in-office printing.

ComColor printers allow in-house handling of jobs which previously required outsourcing to print shops, and without difficulty of operation. Likewise, compatibility with light-weight paper and peripherals adds new value to a business. With ComColor, we hope to see in-office handling of a whole new range of professional print work.

Continued in Interview with the Development Team, Volume 3

Vol3. Offering a new value-proposition to your print work.

Creating new peripherals.

ComColor now offers entirely new options for paper output. The Wrapping Envelope Finisher is capable of automated creation of everything from folded documents to sealed letters, while the Perfect Binder allows binding of thick books and booklets. From a development perspective, these special features presented a new challenge. Until now, no printer capable of such simple handling of post-processing existed in a size suitable for office use. But with our commitment to increasing customer convenience by making the most of ComColor's high speed, we tackled these unfamiliar challenges through trial and dedication.

Creating a product worthy of our customers' trust.

During development, the one factor we were ever mindful of was the necessity of satisfying customer trust. With our Wrapping Envelope Finisher, we took special care to develop a system capable of fast and completely automated handling, from printing to final mail sealing, all without hassle to the customer. For the Perfect Binder we made ease-of-use a priority, allowing simple creation, by anyone, of bound books and booklets in large volumes. Our success with these new features wasn't a matter of mechanical construction alone but also required RISO's full range of cutting-edge technology, demanding integrated development of a wide variety of components, including consumables such as inks and papers, and new software.

Supporting the variety of large-volume office printing.

The use of an office printer for in-house production (from printing to assembly) of direct mailings, billing invoices, manuals and other such print jobs may seem counter-intuitive, but we believe this is because, until now, no device capable of simple handling of such tasks was available. In-house production helps to reduce costs and makes rush printing more viable. ComColor is simple to use for anyone, even without skill sets of post-processing techniques. In the future, we expect to see such in-house printing expand to even greater levels.

To all those who want to make their print tasks more efficient.

Expecting ComColor to be used in a wide variety of offices, we aimed for a product design that would accord in any professional environment. With automatic handling of everything from printing to post-processing, the high productivity offered by ComColor promises to change the landscape of your print work.

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*1:Available on ComColor 9150/9110. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing, plain paper(85gsm(23-lb bond)) in standard mode(print density setting 3), based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of February 2015 (Source:RISO data).The continuous print speed varies depending on the type of optional output equipment connected.

*2:Scanner is an optional component. Also requires scanner stand.

*3:ComColor may be incompatible with some varieties of paper.