RISO products have been used in over 190 countries and regions*1. It is the first and only*2 digital duplicator that can handle A2 size printing—the most common print format in the printing industry. High quality, low cost, simple for anyone to use—the RISO Digital Duplicator has become more popular than ever on the professional printing scene. The RISO A2 responds to the diverse needs of the printing business.

*1: Availability may be limited based upon the geographical location. Please CLICK HERE to request for
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*2: As of October 2019.(Source: RISO data)

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Product features

Offering high-quality, low-cost, easy-to-use professional printing.

A2 Size Format

Improves productivity by handling A2-size documents and even A2-size imposition printing in a single pass.

Easy to Use

Provides top-quality printing with the ease of operating a copier or office printer, so your employees need no special technical skills to operate the machine.

On-Demand and Small Lot Printing

Print just what you need, when you need it. Send the print command from a PC connected by USB or LAN and you can print immediately.

Fast Turnaround Time

With steady, nonstop printing at 100 ppm, a 1,000-sheet printing job can be done in just 10 minutes, so tight deadlines are no problem.

No Pre-Press Preparations Necessary

Just turn the power on and you can start working right away. Masters are ready in just 60 seconds.

Low Cost

The low-priced master means your price per copy gets lower each time you print a job, making large-volume printing highly economical. Ink costs are low as well.

Print Directly from Your Computer

Copy can be sent directly from your computer to the RISO Digital Duplicator, so there is no image degradation. The original copy is faithfully reproduced.

No Cleaning Needed Afterward

Once you finish using the master, it is easily transferred to a master disposal box. Of course there is no need to clean the drum, so you can quickly move on to your next job.

Custom-Order Color Ink System

There are 21 RISO Ink colors and 50 custom colors available. In addition, customers can custom order specific colors, such as their corporate color.

Seconds to Change the Color

In contrast to offset printing machines that can take 45 minutes to an hour to change color ink, RISO Digital Duplicator lets you change the ink in just a few seconds.


— The printing technology, originally based on mimeographing, is very gentle on the environment.
— Handles all types of paper stocks, from light to heavy, and of course can handle recycled paper.
— Ink ingredients include rice bran oil.
— Used masters can be easily disposed of.
— Prints with low power consumption and includes a function to limit power usage.
— Meets appropriate standards in each country.


A variety of functions to meet the diverse need of the printing industry

Start & Stop Keys

Start or stop printing with the touch of a button.

Print Position Adjustment

Print position is adjustable using the buttons on the control panel.

Print Density Adjustment

Print density is adjustable using the buttons on the control panel.


Proof key on the control panel allows printing of a proof copy to check print results.

Print Speed Adjustment

Print speed is adjustable using the buttons on the control panel.

Idling Action

Idling function assures exceptional print quality even after the print drum has been exchanged or the machine has not been used for an extended period.

Duble Feed Check

Built-in function detects if more than one sheet feeds into the printer at a time.


Multi-up function prints multiple originals on one sheet—choose the number of pages (2 or 4) and the pagination order.

Image Processing

Easily adjust error diffusion, dot pattern, brightness contrast, backlight correction, and other image elements to create a more beautiful product.

Auto Shut-Off

Set printer to automatically shut off if the printer is inactive for a certain period of time.

Interview with User (LIKA)


Print Shop
Established: 1992
Employees: 24
Location: Moscow and Moscow region

Printing Equipment
Sheet-fed offset printer
RISO digital duplicator
Collator, folder, cutting machine

Major Products

Major Clients
Educational institutions
National and local governments
Service-related businesses
Construction companies
Manufacturing plants
Financial institutions

We have been using RISO digital duplicators in our print shop for a long time and I was impressed to find that RISO had studied the workflow in the printing industry and developed a product that matches that. This printer lets us handle our current workflow without any problem. After all is said and done, the fact that it is easy to operate is very appealing since it is difficult to find highly skilled print technicians. During the trial period, the machine never broke down and never interrupted our work—that high level of reliability is a strong point. We are pleased with the finished product as well. We can proudly present our customers with these products. It will play a major role when we print monthly newspapers, booklets, and forms. We considered our cost performance and business plan carefully, and we chose the RISO A2 in order to improve our work efficiency and improve our customer service. The RISO A2 allows us to respond to a broad range of customer needs, including short delivery times, small lots, and low prices.

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