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RISO Digital Duplicator Lineup

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Digital Duplicators Advantages

  • Exceptionally
    high-speed printing

  • Overwhelmingly low
    printing costs

  • Eco-friendly

  • Wide array of ink

  • Safety and high

  • Accepts various types
    of papers

Learning More About Digital Duplicator


What is a Digital Duplicator?


Digital Duplicators represent RISO’s digital printing machines for office use that have been developed based on stencil (mimeograph) printing technology. They enable high-volume printing at high speed and low cost. Printing 100 copies per master with up to 185 ppm* high-speed printing.
*Print speed varies depending on the model.


What is the RISOGRAPH?


The RISOGRAPH represents Digital Duplicators, a registered trademark of RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION in major industrial countries. Now the RISOGRAPH has been introduced in educational institutions, government offices, companies and print shops in more than 180 countries and regions throughout the world.


What is stencil printing?


There are various methods of printing: relief (letterpress), intaglio (gravure), lithographic printing (offset lithography), and stencil printing that includes silkscreen and mimeograph printing. In stencil printing, images are reproduced with ink that is pushed through the microscopic holes on the master. Digital Duplicators employ the process of stencil printing.

  • Stencil printing

    Images are reproduced with ink that is pushed through the microscopic holes on the master

  • Relief

    Same mechanism as a stamp, ink transfers to paper with the convex part of a metal plate

  • Intaglio

    Ink transfers to paper with the concave part of a metal plate

  • Lithographic printing
    (offset lithography)

    Uses the repellent effect of oil and water, ideal for large-size paper printing


What is the secret of the RISOGRAPH Digital Duplicator’s high-speed printing?


The RISOGRAPH Digital Duplicator provides high-speed printing using a master with tiny holes that is positioned around the built-in print drum. Rotating the drum at high speed, it can achieve up to 185 ppm* printing. In addition, thanks to the “domino” mechanism, papers are output at high speed and neatly stacked on the V-shaped paper receiving tray. The guides on both sides of the paper receiving tray are designed so that they can be tilted outward for easy paper removal.
*Print speed varies depending on the model.

High Speed Mode
High Speed Mode High Speed Mode
"Domino" mechanism
Domino mechanism Domino mechanism

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Security of our product

Security policy of RISO printers

RISO takes a progressive approach to protect customers important information assets against any risk of information leakage, for their safety benefit.

Digital Duplicator All Line-up

ME series

/ ME9450 / ME9350 / ME6350 /

SE series

/ SE9480 / SE9380 /

SF series

/ SF9450 / SF9350 / SF9250 /

/ SF5450 / SF5350 / SF5250 / SF5050 /

/ SF5430 / SF5330 / SF5230 / SF5130 / SF5030 /

EZ series

EZ 5 series

/ EZ591 / EZ571 /

EZ 3 series

/ EZ391 / EZ371 / EZ331 / EZ301 /

EZ 2 series

/ EZ231 / EZ221 / EZ201 /

CV series

/ CV3230 / CV3130 / CV3030 /

KZ series

/ KZ30 /

RISO A2 series

/ RISO A2 /