To Our Shareholders

Akira Hayama

Under the Fifth Medium-term Management Plan “RISO Vision 16”, the RISO Group (RISO) implemented the Management Policy of “Energize corporate activities through individual ideas and action to expand sales channels and gain new customers worldwide".

During fiscal 2016, the final fiscal year of the Fifth Medium-term Management Plan “RISO Vision 16”, in the inkjet business, sales of consumables increased steadily in Japan and overseas, but sales of hardware remained at the previous year's level.

RISO has formulated the Sixth Medium-term Management Plan“RISO Vision 19”. RISO recognizes that earnings from supplies (consumables) serve as its lifeline. To ensure that the Sales Division can increase these sales, RISO will implement the policy of “Gain new customers and increase the consumable profit which is the lifeline to pursue RISO's future business.”

In fiscal 2016, year-end cash dividends per share were raised „15.00 from the previous fiscal year to „60.00.

Established in 1946, RISO marked our 70th anniversary in 2016. We were able to celebrate this milestone thanks to your loyal support.

I would like to express my deep appreciation and ask our shareholders for their continued support.

June 2016
Akira Hayama
President & CEO

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