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News Release

October 20, 2015

RISO to Provide Printing Support to COP21 through French Subsidiary
-3 Million Pages to Be Printed by 8 ComColor High-Speed Color Printers-

The French subsidiary of RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION (President: Akira Hayama), RISO FRANCE S.A. (hereinafter, RISO FRANCE) will provide printing support to the 21st UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), which will be held in Paris from November 30, 2015.

RISO FRANCE was selected as an official partner of COP21 to ensure printing output by installing 8 ComColor high-speed color printers and their maintenance support in the conference's copy center for the duration of the conference, from November 30 to December 11, 2015.

It is anticipated that more than 20,000 people representing the UN, from 196 countries and regions around the world, will attend COP21. The ComColor is renowned for its energy efficiency, as it does not require heat, as well as its high productivity due to its high-speed printing capability and reliability. It is anticipated that the printers will be required to print approximately 3 million pages of contracts and treaties, etc. for the conference.

Regarding the ComColor of high-speed color printers

The ComColor is the world's fastest high-speed inkjet color printer designed for offices. It achieves energy efficiency while maintaining a high printing speed. It received the ECCJ Chairman's Prize in the product and business model category at the 2013 Energy Conservation Grand Prize in Japan.

Available on ComColor 9150/9110. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard mode, based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of February 2015. (Source: RISO data).

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