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Production, Quality and Logistics

The RISO brand is earning high acclaim throughout the world. Besides domestic manufacturing bases in Ibaraki Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture, RISO has set up overseas manufacturing bases in China and Thailand. As it proceeds with the globalization of its production, RISO is also deploying its domestic production technologies overseas and is providing technical guidance at overseas manufacturing bases to ensure the smooth startup of production and to maintain mass production. RISO is building a global supply chain and is thoroughly pursuing the essence of manufacturing amid all flows of business ranging from the procurement of materials to shipments.

As one initiative in this area, RISO has introduced concurrent engineering techniques aimed at sharing and quickly resolving various issues. The production departments collaborate with the development departments from an early stage of R&D and are building a production structure capable of undertaking highly efficient mass production with stable quality.

To maintain mass production and standardize quality, we also use 3D CAD to design and undertake in-house production of jigs (a production tool). RISO also carries out simulations to ensure that overall production flows smoothly and also performs production line design.

In production planning as well, the sales departments and the production departments share market data that has been closely analyzed and flexibly execute planning. By producing necessary products in the required amounts when needed, RISO is flexibly responding to market needs while working to conserve resources and energy and to reduce the environmental burden.

in-house manufacturing of assembly jigs for inkjet printing heads

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