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Social Media Policy

Riso Kagaku Corporation (referred to as "RISO" hereinunder) will observe the attitudes, behaviors and basic manners as set forth below when we use social media (1) and run our official account of social networking service (2) (referred to as "SNS" hereinunder).

Basic policy

RISO will comply with related laws and company rules set forth by RISO regarding use of social media and management of SNS official account, recognizing that our publication of each information may affect users of social media (referred to as "User" or "Users" hereinunder) somehow and endeavor to communicate transparently in an appropriate manner as a member of society in order not to have a behavior deviating from sound social common sense.

Our purpose to take part in social media

RISO will utilize social media in order to deliver information relating RISO to our stakeholders.

Awareness and responsibilities for our publishing information and responses

1. RISO will strive to publish information being aware that the information once published to social media can spread among an unknown number of users with every backgrounds and circumstances and may not be able to be permanently deleted.
2. RISO will be aware of possibilities that publishing information from the SNS official account and responses through the SNS official account may affect Users in some way and pay attention to avoiding any misunderstanding.
3. RISO will endeavor to strengthen relationship with our stakeholders and improve RISO brand image by publishing information appropriately.

Guidance to people using social media

1. Please note that information published by RISO in social media, such as management of SNS official account, does not always reflect our official announcement or view.
For our official announcements and views, please refer to the official web site and news releases.
2. User shall post information to RISO's official SNS account, which are free from any copy rights of third party nor any rights such as moral rights or so on.
RISO shall not be held liable for any contents posted by User.
3. RISO shall not be held liable for any damages caused by any troubles between Users or Users and any third party.
4. RISO is in a position to expect Users not to post information unrelated to the SNS official account and may delete or correct such information at our discretion, if necessary.
5. Please understand that RISO will not reply to any information posted individually.
6. If you have any inquiries about "RISO's Social media policy and usage of social media", please click below.
If you have any inquiries, click here.

*1: Social media mean such media that facilitate reading, viewing or sharing of information based on publication by mainly individual person utilizing technology based on internet.
*2: SNS means one of services consisting of social media.