Product Development for Lower Environmental Burden

The environment was a major consideration when RISO developed the ComColor printers and RISO digital duplicators. For starters, they use less power when in use and the minimum necessary power during standby.

ComColor 9150 high-speed color printer using just 0.12 Wh per sheet

ComColor is RISOís high-speed color inkjet printer. Printing takes only about half the time of a typical high-speed color multi-function printer using toner, while energy consumption per sheet is less than half. Even as it offers high speed of up to 150 sheets/minute, the ComColor 9150 creates little environmental burden, consuming just 0.12 Wh*1 of energy per sheet printed.

RISO digital duplicator consumes little power even while printing A3 size

RISO digital duplicator is a printer using the stencil printing method. It works by piercing a printing stencil plate with holes and passing ink through the holes to transfer an image onto paper.
The RISO digital duplicator consumes only about 200 W*2 of power even while printing A3 size. For large-volume printing, the RISO digital duplicator consumes less energy than copiers that use heat to affix toner to each page.

*1 Equivalent power consumption per printed sheet; i.e., the productís typical weekly electricity consumption (TEC value) divided by the number of sheets printed that week. Every model in the ComColor Series offers a TEC value under 8 kWh.
*2 RZ Series. When printing 100 sheets/minute. Results may vary depending on printing environment.

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