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1.Privacy Policy

We, Riso Kagaku Corporation, engage in business activities that contribute to further development of society in communications culture by researching, developing and supplying such products, which will touch and make a strong impression on our customers. Personal information of our customers, corporate clients, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders that we handle in the process of fulfilling our business is an important asset for both of our stakeholders and us. Recognizing that we have an obligation to treat such personal information appropriately, we will use our best endeavor to protect such personal information based on the following principles:

Principles of personal data protection

1. We collect, use and provide your personal information only to the extent necessary for achieving our business objectives.
2. We collect your personal information only when we receive your agreement after specifying the purpose of collecting your personal information depending on each circumstance and/or method of collection or when we notify you of or announce publicly the purpose of use, or when the purpose of use is clear from the circumstances in which your personal information is collected.
3. We never use your personal information, for any purposes other than those specified or are clear from the circumstances in which your personal information is collected. And we will use our best endeavor to take possible measures to ensure that your personal information will not be used for any other purposes than those mentioned above.
4. We never provide your personal information to any third party, save that we have reasonable backgrounds such as your prior consent or any requirements to do so by any law and/or regulation.
5. We use our best endeavor to take reasonable preventive countermeasures against any loss, leakage or damage of your personal information in order to ensure security thereof. In the case of an unforeseen accident, we use our best endeavor to take an appropriate collective action.
6. At your request, we will respond conscientiously and swiftly to your inquiry, such as questions about your personal information or any requests for disclosure or any claim about your personal information.
7. We obey any laws, regulations and/or orders relating to personal information protection.
8. We use our best endeavor to enhance acknowledgment of our company staff about importance of personal information protection through education and enlightenment.
9. We use our best endeavor to manage personal information properly by appointing a responsible person at each department concerned.
10. We continuously improve our compliance program related to personal information protection.

March 12, 2003
Revision May 23,2006
Revision April 1, 2007
Revision April 8, 2008
Akira Hayama
President & CEO

RISO has been certified by JIPDEC as a business granted the use of the Privacy Mark.

2.Intended Use of Personal Information

RISO uses personal information for the following purposes.

Personal information concerning our customers shall be used within the scope of our printing equipment business, real estate business, print creating business and digital communication business:

1. To provide products and services;
2. To contact customers in order to respond to their queries;
3. To provide information on our products and services;
4. To request that customers provide feedback concerning our products or services;
5. To provide information relating to various events and seminars related to our products or services;
6. To produce statistical data related to our products or services; and
7. To lease real estate, to provide information and to produce statistical data related our real estate business.

Personal information concerning businesses RISO deals with shall be used:

1. To have RISO products and services carried by those businesses;
2. To provide information on RISO products and services;
3. To have products and services that RISO requires delivered; and
4. To have obtain information on products and services that RISO requires.

Personal information concerning our shareholders shall be used:

1. To exercise rights and fulfill obligations under the Companies Act;
2. To provide our shareholders with benefits and services for their standing as a shareholder;
3. To implement policies for promoting smooth relationship between RISO and our shareholders; and
4. To maintain the shareholders' information, including but not limited to, compilation of the data base of our shareholders in accordance with the criteria prescribed by various laws and regulations applicable.

Personal information concerning officers and employees of RISO shall be used:

1. To communicate for business;
2. To take procedures for payment of wages, withholding and social insurance;
3. To provide benefits and proper health management; and
4. For purposes for which concerning employment management other than the items above.

Personal information concerning recruitment candidates shall be used:

1. To provide information concerning recruitment;
2. To respond to the queries on recruitment;
3. To screen candidates;
4. To communicate with prospective employee and to use as personal information of employee after joining RISO; and
5. To produce statistical data related to recruitment.

3.Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

RISO does not provide the personal information it has collected to third parties, except in the following cases:
1) When the customer provides consent
2) When, due to legal instructions and the like, the disclosure of personal information is requested or allowed
3) When necessary for the protection of vital interests such as the life, wellbeing or property of the customer or general public
4) In cases where it is specially necessary improving public health or promoting the sound growth of children and in which there is difficulty obtaining consent of the individual concerned
5) In cases where RISO is required to cooperate with a state organ, local government, or an individual entrusted by either of those authorities in executing their duties as prescribed by law, when obtaining the consent of the individual concerned is likely to impede the execution of the duties concerned
6) When there is a succession of business due to a merger, or the like, and personal information is handled within the scope of intended use that was in place prior to the succession of the business

4.Shared Use of Personal Information

RISO uses provided personal information jointly with subsidiary described below.

1.Range of parties with which information can be shared, items can be used and its intended use

The companies that RISO will share personal information with are the RISO subsidiaries described below, which provide RISO products and services. The items be used and intended use of the personal information is as follows.

Subsidiary Items Purposes
4-6-3 Omoromachi, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0006 Japan

Name, Company name, Company phone number, Company fax Number and Email address of customers or concerning businesses. Same as for that of RISO, described above.
5-34-7 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8385, Japan

Name, Organization name, Phone number and Email address of customer or concerning businesses. Same as for that of RISO within the scope of digital communication business described above.

2.Name of the party responsible for the management of the shared personal information

RISO shall be the point of contact for inquiries on the disclosure, correction, discontinuation of use and deletion of personal information for shared use, and takes responsibility for its management. Please refer to Paragraph 6 to view contact details for inquires.

5.Entrusting the Handling of Personal Information

Please note that RISO may entrust the handling of personal information to businesses to which it outsources part of its business activities only after requiring that those businesses properly manage the information to a degree equal to or surpassing that of RISO, and after they enter into an appropriate personal information protection agreement.

6.Point of Contact for Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Notice of purpose, disclosures, amendments, additions, deletions, discontinuation of use, erasure, discontinuation of provision to third parties, complaints, procedures to respond to requests for disclosure, and/or any other inquiries concerning personal information are handled through the following inquiries desk or by using this form.We inform back detail for procedure of inquiries.

7.Contact Details for Requesting Complaint Resolution through an Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization

RISO has been certified by JIPDEC as a business granted the use of the Privacy Mark. The contact details for requesting complaint resolution through this organization concerning personal information dealt with by RISO are as follows:
Japan Information Processing and DEvelopment Center
Roppongi First Building,9-9 Roppongi 1-chome,
Minato-ku Tokyo,106-0032 Japan
TEL: 0120-116-213 FAX: 0120-700-779
Operating hours for inquiries by telephone: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
9:30 to 17:00 (* except 12:00 to 13:00)

September 15, 2022