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News Release

April 25, 2017

The GOCCOPRO QS2536, a high resolution digital screen maker for large sized printing,exhibiting at "FESPA 2017," Europe's biggest screen printing and digital printing industry fair

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION, ("RISO"), (President & CEO, Akira Hayama), will be exhibiting at FESPA 2017, Europe's biggest screen printing and digital printing industry fair, in Hamburg, Germany, from the 8th to the 12th of May.

The RISO booth this time will be displaying the GOCCOPRO series of digital screen makers, including the GOCCOPRO QS2536.

The GOCCOPRO series was launched on the market in 2011 as a completely dry digital thermal screen making system, using no water or chemicals, and has been adopted throughout the world. The process requires no exposure or drying, and enables speedy screen making similar to using a printer. No emulsion is used, eliminating washout steps, and with no waste water, making it easy to use and environmentally conscious.

The GOCCOPRO QS2536 handles the large-sized standard 25" x 36" frame used widely in the printing industry. It uses a long high-resolution thermal head of 1,200 dpi for a stable precision screen making process. It caters to a range of needs, from extra-large screen size to multi color printing to high precision screen making. In this regard, the device targets demand for printing in the garment industry, in mainly the United States, and demand for marking (e.g., name-printing) in mainly Japan and Europe.
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