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Introducing a Light and Easy Screen Maker the "MiScreen a4"
- Easy screen making for up to A4 size screens.
- Convenient for creators and art instructors.

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION (President: Akira Hayama) will unleash the new light and easy screen maker the "MiScreen a4" to the worldwide market in mid-October 2019.

MiScreen a4
MiScreen a4

The "MiScreen a4" is a light and easy screen maker that can create a screen up to A4 in size. It employs a digital screen making method that perforates the screen master with a thermal head. Unlike emulsion type of screen making, this process makes use of the RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making Technology that does neither require chemicals, water nor special skill sets.

The "MiScreen a4" was designed for a diverse range of creators and art educators, and focuses on ease of use. Creating a screen for screen printing is as easy as setting the stretched screen master in the "MiScreen a4" unit and simply transmitting the image data from a computer. At approximately 2.9 kg in weight, the entire unit is also portable.

Test marketing in limited areas conducted in early March 2018 garnered high praise from creators as well as art educators from all over the world. Positive feedbacks from beginners were specially highlighting ease of use of the equipment, which led to the upcoming release on a larger scale to the worldwide market.

* See "MiScreen a4" art piece creation video footage here.

"MiScreen a4" main features

1) A4 size screen making
The "MiScreen a4" caters to a maximum print screen size of 210 mm x 300 mm.

2) Compact body size
With a compact body size of 395 mm (w) x 110 mm (d) x 89 mm (h) and a weight of approximately 2.9 kg, the "MiScreen a4" does not take up space and is even portable. This versatile size enables the product to be used at all sorts of events and workshops.

3) Easy to operate, no special skill sets required
Simply connect the MiScreen a4 with your PC and you are ready to go. Neither special skill sets nor special chemicals are required for screen making.

4) Quick screen making
Upon data transmission, screen making will complete within a matter of 35 seconds, which enables a streamlined printing process.

5) Screen making with the RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making System is environmentally friendly
The conventional screen making process requires vast amount of emulsion, chemicals and rinsing water. On the contrary, thanks to the state of the art RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making Technology, those conventional materials are no longer required.
The "MiScreen a4" is equipped with a Thermal Print Head that perforates the MiScreen Master with heat. The MiScreen Master is a screen pre-laminated with a heat-sensitive film.
The combination of the MiScreen a4 and the MiScreen Master eliminates the use of chemicals, neither rinsing water nor drying electricity which results in extremely lower power consumption and environmental impact than conventional screen printing.


Item Description
Screen making method  Digital dry thermal screen making system
Resolution 203×203dpi
Screen making time Approximately 35 seconds
Screen frame size 310×430mm / 12.2"x16.9"
Maximum image area size 210×300mm / 8.3"x11.8"
Network interface USB 2.0 (Standard Type-B)
Supported OS Windows®7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows10
macOS Sierra 10.12, macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Mojave 10.14
Power source AC100-240V`50/60Hz Max2.0A
Dimensions 395(W)×110(D)×89(H)mm  / 15.6"(W)×4.3"(D)×3.5"(H)
Weight Approx. 2.9kg (6.4lb)

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