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Important Notice regarding Discrepancy of Dimensions and Weight between Practical Values and Listed values on Brochures, User Guides and Website

January 29, 2010

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION announced that some discrepancies were found between practical values and listed values on dimensions and weight of RISO digital duplicators and full-color inkjet printers and related accessories on brochures, user guides and websites.

Relevant Products

Please refer to the list of corrigenda: List of Corrigenda NewWindow
For the products not listed here, please refer to each product page or contact us. Contact Us NewWindow


The specification of each product on the website has already been revised as of today.

Brochures and User Guides
Please contact your local dealers or our subsidiaries for the list of corrigenda.

Cause of Discrepancy

Some changes of dimensions and weight during trial manufacture and design change have not been reflected to the specifications of brochures, user guides, and website.

How to Prevent Recurrence

RISO declared that the rule of calculation of dimensions and weight has been unified during the process of design and development.
The process of confirming measured value of dimensions and weight and reflecting it to the specification has been added to each designing stage of RISO.

RISO will make sincere effort to prevent similar incidents by the new above procedure.
Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Please contact us for more information: Contact Us NewWindow

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