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What is RISO ART?

  • gRISO ARTh means art works created using the RISO products collectively.

    The website gRISO ARTh introduces art works or other related information. The art works are created using the high-speed digital printer gRisographh in which traditional stencil printing principles and original RISO technology are combined and the digital screen maker gGOCCOPROh.

Product introduction

  • Printing technology of RISOGRAPH

    A high-speed digital printer combining traditional stencil printing principles and the original RISO technology. Print cost per copy decreases as the number of output sheets per master increases.

  • Ink color variations

    In addition to 19 standard colors used most commonly, 50 more versatile and unique custom colors (based on production to order) are available.


Digital Dupulicators RISOGRAPH

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Digital Screen Maker GOCCOPRO

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