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Facilities in Japan

Head Office
Production Facilities
Tsukuba Works
Kasumigaura Works
Ube Works
R&D Facilities

Riso Research and Design Center
RISO R&D Center II

Sales Departments
Hokkaido Sales Department
Tohoku Sales Department
Kanto Sales Department
Shutoken Sales Department 1
Shutoken Sales Department 2
Shutoken Sales Department 3
MA Sales Department
Public Institution Sales Department
Chubu Sales Department
Kansai Sales Department
Shikoku Sales Department
Chugoku Sales Department
Kyushu Sales Department
RISO Contact Center
Print Creating Business Department
Sapporo Branch
Sendai Branch
Koriyama Branch
Saitama Branch
Kumagaya Branch
Tokorozawa Branch
Tsukuba Branch
Niigata Branch
Maebashi Branch
Nihonbashi Branch
Asakusa Branch
Mita Branch
Chiba Branch
Funabashi Branch
kashiwa Branch
Shinjuku Branch
Ikebukuro Branch
Shibuya Branch
Hachioji Branch
Mitaka Branch
Tachikawa Branch
Yokohama Branch
Kawasaki Branch
Atsugi Branch
Nagoya Branch
Mikawa Branch
Shizuoka Branch
Hamamatsu Branch
Gifu Branch
Kanazawa Branch
Mie Branch
Kita-Osaka Branch
Osaka Branch
Sakai Branch
Nara Branch
Kyoto Branch
Kobe Branch
Takamatsu Branch
Hiroshima Branch
Okayama Branch
Fukuoka Branch
Kitakyushu Branch
Kumamoto Branch
Kagoshima Branch
Morioka Office
Yamaguchi Office
Okinawa Office
Sales Subsidiary

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