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Message from Management

Akira Hayama President & CEO

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION (RISO) is a development-oriented company that provides unique products and services in the paper communication field.
Founded in 1946 as a mimeograph printing company, RISO subsequently commenced the development and manufacture of ink. Guided by its development policy of "Creating fundamentally unique products," RISO worked to develop new products and transformed the content of its business from producing office supplies toward being a manufacturer of printers. Currently, our mainstay RISOGRAPH digital duplicators and ComColor high-speed color printers are used widely in over 190 countries and regions worldwide.
RISO aims to create truly essential value that people might not even be aware of and transform this value into tangible products and services. By anticipating changes in the times, we seek to provide attractive products that strongly appeal to people`s senses, making them realize that a certain product was in fact what they wanted and is extremely useful.
RISO will continue to take on the challenge of creating new products and services to pursue the possibilities of new print work and ensure the satisfaction of customers the world over.

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