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RISO's History

Please find here RISO's history. You will know how RISO developed its business from a mimeograph printing service provider to a printing equipment manufacturer pursuing the "ideals" described in our corporate name.

1946 - 1954 - Start-up Stage -Foundation- Pursuing the ideal in the Company name "RISO"(RISO means "ideals" in Japanese)



Sep., 1946    …   The founder Noboru Hayama began mimeograph printing
                            service under the business name "RISO-SHA" in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Sep., 1948    …   Changed the business name to "RISO PRINTING" and opened a
                            mimeograph printshop in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Japan.

Mar., 1952    …   Started typed-character print service using the electric
                            typewriters and printing machines which were first brought to
                            Japan from UK.

Jun., 1954    …   Developed and launched RISO INK (emulsion ink first sold in Japan).

1955 - 1974- The 1st Growing Stage -Incorporation of the Company -We shall win through honesty and creativity



Jan., 1955    …    Dissolved "RISO PRINTING" and incorporated the company
                            "RISO KAGAKU LAVORATORY LIMITED."

Dec., 1958    …   Launched the RISO-GRAPH (a mimeograph printing device).

Jan., 1963    …   Changed the name of the company to "RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION".

Jul.-Aug., 1965    …   Established "Kasumigaura Plant" and started production there in August.

May., 1967    …   Launched the RISO FAX JF-7 (a thermal stencil master making device).

Aug., 1968    …    Moved the head office to Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan.

May., 1969    …   Launched the RISO FAX JF-8

Jun., 1969    …   Opened local sales offices in major domestic cities, such as
                            Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, to expand sales in Japan.

May., 1972    …   Launched the RISO TRAPEN-UP TU-230 (a thermal film making device for OHP)
                            and the RISO OHP 750.

Feb., 1974    …   Launched the RISO XENOFAX FX-150 and the RISO XENO MASTER.

The product release dates given in the above chronological table are only applicable in Japan.

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