Workshops by overseas artists were also well received

In recent years, RISOGRAPH, digital duplicator that allows users to enjoy color combinations and make their artworks look like old fashion print has been gaining popularity among artists around the world.

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION cosponsored "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2022" held in October 2022, providing "RISOGRAPH", "GOCCOPRO" digital screen maker and "MiScreen a4" compact digital screen maker at the venue. The event invited art studios from Norway and Netherland; that are leading the current RISO ART scene. They participated in a special program organized by RISO ART studio based in Tokyo "Hand Saw Press".

Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. In addition to many exhibitor booths, the museum will make the most of its facilities to hold numerous special exhibitions and workshops. Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. In addition to many exhibitor booths, the museum will make the most of its facilities to hold numerous special exhibitions and workshops.

"TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2022" has kept steps with the world wide art book trend.

TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR (hereafter TABF) started in 2009, is one of the largest book fairs in Asia specialized in art publishing.
TABF brings together artists and publishers who publish unique art publications, catalogs, zines, etc.

Director   Yusuke Nakajima

Director Yusuke Nakajima

Yusuke Nakajima, director of TABF, who has been involved in its operation since 2015, says
"I used to come to TABF as a visitor and felt it was a valuable place where I could feel the passion for publishing. On the other hand, it was more for a domestic book fair at that time, I felt that it would be nice if the book fair had a more international exhibitor. So, with my involvement, we have been trying to broaden the range of artists and works by inviting artists around the world.

Many unique works using RISOGRAPH were exhibited.

Books originally functioned largely as a media for delivering information, but with the development of the Internet in the 2000s, they are no longer just a media; books themselves have become an expression. Then, in the 2010s, artists who realized the potential of books became actively involved in their production.

Perhaps as a reaction to the shift away from digital books, a younger generation has emerged that is interested in analog books as a way of expression, and the art book trend has begun to gain momentum around the world.

This year, many overseas exhibitors, artists, photographers, and other visitors came to TABF. He said he would like to make TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR a place for such people to express their works.

If you experience art through books from a young age, you will be able to enjoy art more freely.

TABF has changed over the years, with more events for children this year.
He says, "People who have participated in TABF since the early days have become parents and are now coming to TABF with their children. As children have become new visitors, we have gradually increased the number of contents for children, and this year there are especially many of them.

I think that some adults feel a bit intimidated by art, partly because they have not had many opportunities to come into experience with it. So, If you are able to experience art through books from a young age, you will be able to enjoy art more freely." says Nakajima.

Many visitors came to the "ZINE" corner, one of the main attractions of TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2022.

During TABF 2022, many artists who use RISOGRAPH to create their work were in attendance.
RISOGRAPH is an easy-to-use ways of expression. Also, when printing in multiple colors, the inks sometimes do not overlap perfectly, resulting in an unintended expression. Many of artists find that interesting. So this leads to the thought of what kind of new expressions we can create as artwork using RISOGRAPH. So I think there is a great affinity between RISOGRAPH and art books.

The "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR" continues to change and evolve little by little. What kind of artists will participate next year, and how will they use RISOGRAPH? We are very much looking forward to it.

RISO is cooperate with "RISOGRAPH Special Project: Risopionneers".

RISOGRAPH Special: Risopionneers, a special program organized by RISOGRAPH studio based in Tokyo Hand Saw Press.
There were three exhibits. "Pamflett" (pamphlet), from Norway "Knust press" (Knust Press) from Netherland, and RISO's historical photographs.

The booth of Norwegian studio Pamflett features many colorful works, including T-shirts

In Norway, several small studios have established a community to share equipment such as RISOGRAPH and information, and cooperate with each other to connect with the art book scene outside of Norway, and "Pamflett" is a central part of this community. Pamflett also organizes its own art book fair in the Norway, and at TABF exhibited its own work as well as that of various studios.

Kunst Press" from the Netherlands showed off its signature message-oriented work

Knust press" in the Netherlands is a printing and bookbinding studio specializing in stencil printing techniques and a legend in the RISOGRAPH world. Their works are also in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among others, and more than 30 years after their start, they continue to be a pioneer and attract young artists.

Exhibited "Print Gocco." Visitors were also interested in the history of RISO.

And the "RISO's History Photo Exhibition" recounted in photos the development record of RISO, which was founded in 1946 as a mimeograph printing service, followed by the development of ink and master-making machines, and the launch of RISOGRAPH in 1980. RISOGRAPH fans around the world visited the exhibition and watched with great interest. They deepened their sympathy for RISO.

Also shown was a documentary film following Knust press, which was founded in the 1980s during the squatting movement. The screening was followed by a talk by the founder, Jan Dirk de Wilde, who visited Japan for the first time.

RISOGRAPH" and "MiScreen a4" workshops

RISOGRAPH" workshop

The workshop was supported by "Hand Saw Press" and "Pamflett. Norwegian illustrator Ausil Kansta Jonsen led the workshop for children using RISOGRAPH to create original zines.

"The children are all very creative. I was surprised by many things, and most of all, I had a lot of fun. I got a lot of good inspiration," said Ausir.

Åshild, a picture book author whose original character, Kubbe, is popular around the world
Children complete fun zines

MiScreen a4" workshop

Participants cut out illustrations of their choice and collage them
as they wish.

The children also participated in a T-shirt workshop with Norwegian fashion designer Siv Stordal. Her design was printed on a T-shirt made with "GOCCOPRO", and the workshop participants made a collage of Ausir's illustrations on the spot, made the prints with "MiScreen a4," and printed them on the T-shirts. The original ink with fine glitter, which they brought from Norway, sparkled and reflected the light. All the participants enjoyed the workshop.

Printing a collage of images on a T-shirt printed with Siv's design on GOCCOPRO using MiScreen a4.
I made a one-of-a-kind T-shirt! A participant holds up a completed T-shirt.

Anne Christine Stallon, representative of "Pamflett," who has conducted numerous workshops with Ausil and Siv, said, "It was fun to collaborate with RISO and Hand Saw Press today. We are also happy that we are able to display our artwork as well as that of Knustpress, and that so many people were able to see it.

Exhibitors told us about the attractions of "RISOGRAPH".


HEKICHI Illustrator Masatoshi Tabuchi
Graphic Designer Hirokazu Matsuda

We have been participating in TABF for about 10 years now. RISORAPH give us the feeling of being a little closer to the original, even though they are reproductions. We like the feeling of not being able to control the colors, as sometimes the colors resulted unintended way. I am always excited to see what colors will turn out each time.



RISOGRAPH has a unique texture that other printers cannot produce.

Further Reading Press / Indonesia

Further Reading Press / Indonesia
Januar Rianto

I am from RISO ART studio in Indonesia, and this is my third time participating in TABF. We are working with creators in Southeast Asia to create a variety of their work using RISOGRAPH.

nakano letterpress-studio

nakano letterpress-studio
Yoshio Nakano

RISOGRAPH is very flexible and allows us to express ourselves in a variety of ways even if someone who is not familiar with printing. For the past two or three years, we have been receiving an increasing number of requests to create zines using RISOGRAPH.



The ink colors are easy to choose from, and it is interesting to think about which colors to layer and how to layer them. I think RISOGRAPH is a printer that gives us a lot of idea.

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