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Five Environmental Topics

RISO is developing products and services that improve convenience while reducing environmental burdens.Here, we introduce five topics from our environmental initiatives.


The highly-rated environmental performance of the ORPHS*

The ORPHIS FW series wins the Product of the Year award at the Eco Mark Award 2016.

The ORPHS FW Series won the Product of the Year award at the Eco Mark Award 2016 sponsored by the Japan Environment Association.

The Product of the Year is awarded to most commendable products from among about 450 Eco Mark certified products in FY 2015 and FY 2016 that excel in environmental performance, with advanced environment-friendly design.

The FW Series was selected for the award, because it was recognized for reducing the amount of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound) emissions to provide a safe and comfortable printing environment, and for being the first product to be given the Blue Angel certification utilizing the mutual recognition agreement between the Eco Mark (Japan) and the Blue Angel (Germany).

  • *The ORPHIS FW series is a brand for RISO full-color high-speed inkjet printers in Japanese domestic market.

For a safer and more comfortable printing environment

Maximize both environmental and product performance

Due to the growing interest in the indoor environment, RISO aimed to reduce the emission of TVOC and to provide a safer and more comfortable printing environment.

As a result of around two years of R&D carried out jointly by our development and manufacturing teams, we succeeded in making clear the Eco Mark criteria significantly across the hardware and consumables system as a whole.


The oil-based ink used by ComColor achieves both high speed and environmental performance

Highly safe ink that passes the new Eco Mark criteria

ComColor ink was certified for the Eco Mark based on the Eco Mark criteria* "No.142 Ink Cartridge Version 2" revised in July 2015, in recognition of its usefulness for environmental conservation and low burdens on the environment throughout its entire lifecycle based on the factors such as elimination of dangerous/harmful components and establishment of the system for collecting and recycling used ink cartridges.

  • *The Eco Mark program, managed in accordance with ISO standards, is Japan's only Type I environmental label awarded through third-party institution certification.

Oil-based ink suitable for high speed paper feeding

Oil-based ink with low paper deformation. Water-based ink is prone to deformation such as undulations and curling.

When water-based inks are used, the paper absorbs water immediately after printing. Paper that has absorbed water can easily change shape and bend, which can often lead to folds and wrinkles in high-speed printing. Since no change in paper quality or form occurs with oil-based inks, the paper feeding process is smooth, which makes such inks suitable for high-speed printing. This results in increased reliability in post-processing printing tasks such as sorting, collating and binding.

Offering products with low environmental burdens to offices worldwide

The ComColor FW Series acquired the Blue Angel certification, utilizing the mutual recognition agreement between the Eco Mark (Japan) and the Blue Angel (Germany). The ComColor FW Series is the first imaging device (photocopier / printer) utilizing this agreement.

We will deliver products with low environmental burdens, certified by these multiple environmental labels, to offices worldwide.

Development of environment-friendly high-quality stencil ink "RISO Rice Bran Oil Ink"

The world's first stencil ink utilizing domestically produced rice bran oil

The RISO Rice Bran Oil Ink effectively utilizes the bran portion of rice which used to be discarded. Furthermore, RISO Rice Bran Oil uses the bran from Japanese-grown rice as raw material. Compared to soy-oil based oil that depends on import of foreign soy , transportation distance of raw materials and the CO2 emissions accompanying such transportation are reduced. We acquired the world's first "Rice ink mark" as ink for Digital Duplicators.