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For a safer and more comfortable printing environment

By using hardwares and consumables developed and produced by the same company, not only product performance but also environmental performance can be maximized.

Under our development policy "Creating fundamentally unique products", RISO provides optimal solutions for our customers who want to print the same document in high-volume faster and more cost-effective,. We strive to develop products that pursue not only product performance but also environmental performance without compromising either.

Consideration of a safe and comfortable print environment is required as environmental consciousness rises

As the environmental consciousness of the world is rising, a safer and more comfortable printing environment is required in offices too. There are many components of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in indoor spaces. We will provide a safer and more comfortable environment for using printers by considering not only VOCs that are strictly regulated because of adverse effects on health, but also VOCs for which adverse health effects have not been confirmed.

RISO has been working on product development with low environmental burdens for many years. Now we have come to believe that consideration of the customers' environment in the work place is even important in addition to environmental consideration of the products themselves. And our development team for the ComColor is working now to reduce the whole-room VOC content (TVOCs or the Total Volatile Organic Compounds ) emitted at the time of printing.

Our development and manufacturing teams challenged together through collective efforts deduction of the Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)

In order to reduce TVOCs, it is required that TVOCs generated per unit of time from both of the printer and the printed matter should be reduced to at or below a certain level. The ComColor is the world's fastest high-speed color printer with printing speed of 160 pages per minute. In order to reduce the level of the TVOCs of the ComColor that can print in high-volume in a given time period, down to the level of that of low-speed printers used in the home, we had to review the design and manufacturing process totally.

However, TVOCs reduction is a mandatory goal that must be overcome by engineers in development and manufacturing. The development team worked on the design stage, and the manufacturing team on the manufacturing stage, in order to analyze and identity VOC sources and take countermeasures necessary through.

We checked thousands of printer hardware parts and reviewed the optimum materials.

We verified all ink supplies materials and checked how they influence VOC generation. Check of thousands of parts.

After two years of efforts we finally succeeded in making clear the TVOCs criteria significantly.

After this challenge, we launched the ComColor FW Series. We reviewed the materials and manufacturing process of the FW Series from the beginning, and in just two years from the start of the TVOCs reduction review, we succeeded in not only just making clear the TVOCs criteria but also achieving the far lower level of the TVCOs than the criteria. This technology is also applied to the ComColor GD Series which was released six months later.

Maximize product and environmental performance by using hardware and consumables developed and produced by the same company together

To raise print speed and print quality, developing consumables matched to the features of hardware and alternatively developing hardware compatible with the characteristics of consumables are extremely crucial.

By optimizing the hardware and consumables as a whole system, we can not only ensure the optimum product performance of the ComColor, but also reduce the VOCs in an entire room and provide a safer and more comfortable printing environment in the work place.

Acquire the Eco Mark given to the top players in the industry

The ComColor acquired the Eco Mark thanks to recognition of environmental efforts such as collection and recycling of ink cartridges and machines in addition to TVOCs reduction.

The Eco Mark is the only environmental label in Japan that conforms to ISO Type I, and is granted to the products that reduce the burdens on the environment throughout the life cycle and are considered to be useful for environmental preservation.

Acquire the Blue Angel certification valid worldwide

The criteria for the Eco Mark were revised along with beginning of the procedure under the mutual recognition agreement with the Blue Angel, the Type I label in German hving a strong influence on world environmental labels. In the new criteria, regulations on reduction of TVOCs emissions and resource recycling were strengthened to the world level, taking into account the regulations and guidelines of Germany and other foreign countries.

RISO will continue to provide our customers with Eco Products with high product performance together with high environmental performance so that our customers can use our products without worry in offices worldwide.

The world's largest printing exhibition "drupa 2016" (Germany)

Oil-based pigment ink developed independently for high-speed printing

Even though it is oil-based, we use a low-impurity non-volatile oil like that used for base oils for cosmetics, not a volatile solvent like that used for oil-based pens and paints.

Oil-based ink that contains no moisture is suitable for high-speed printing without paper deformation immediately after printing such as undulation or curling, and enables paper to be fed smoothly. Therefore, post-processing immediately after printing (collation, binding, etc.) can be performed reliably