Environmental accounting

RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION started the environmental account in 2002 for the purpose of promoting our activities of environmental protection efficiently and effectively. As a consequence, we understand the cost we spent against the economic effect of the environment protection as the specific amount.

Environmental Bill

Term :
Fiscal2018(April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018)
Scope of
Calculations :
All of RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION'S domestic sites in Japan(Tsukuba Works, Kasumigaura Works, Ube Works, RISO R&D Center, head office and domestic sales branches). For RISO's sales network, "resource conservation and recycling" as well as "EMS establishment and maintenance activities" are included in the scope of calculation.

( Thousands of Yen)

Activities Classification Environmental protection costs Environmental protection effect
Environmental protection activities Investment Cost Economic effect Actions
Global warming prevention measures
Reduction of fuel consumption
Reduction of electricity consumption
Replacement of boilers with highefficiency models, pursuit of a modal shift strategy
Introduction of energy-saving equipment
48,729 1,618 1,948
Reduction of CO2 emissions during manufacture and product transport
Reduction of electricity consumption
Promotion of resource conservation and recycling
Effective utilization of used products
Effective utilization of wastes
Safe disposal of wastes
Collection and recycling of used products
Separation and recycling of waste
344,356 410,695
Reduction of costs through reuse
Improvement of resource recovery rates
Environmental communication
Publication of product environmental data
Publication of information about environmental initiatives
Acquisition of environmental label certification
Publication of the environmental report
Participation in events and exhibitions
Acquisition of certification under the Eco Mark Progarm
Publication of Sustainabilitiy Report, website revisions, etc.
Green areas
Clean-up and maintenance of green areas
Clean-up and maintenance of green areas
Green area beautification, maintenance
Legal compliance (pollution control measures, environmental pollution control)
Compliance activities (water, air, etc.)
Assessment of legal and regulatory trends
Water drainage management
Gas emissions management
Inspection and maintenance of facilities
Monitoring of laws and regulations
Environmental protection activities
Investigation into legal and regulatory trends in Japan and overseas
Green procurement
Collection and registration of environmental data relating to raw materials and parts
Implementation of an environmental information system covering REACH and other regulations
Environmental information updates, operation and maintenance
EMS establishment and maintenance activities
Acquisition and maintenance of ISO 14001 certification
Maintenance of the validity of ISO 14001: 2004 certification
Total 48,729 413,970 412,643

Calculation Method and Idea

Our calculations of the environmental protection costs and the economic effects are basically made in keeping with the "Environmental Account Guidebook (2005)" of the Ministry of the Environment. However, the classification of costs is modified to our own standard. Also, expenses related to environmental protection costs do not include depreciation. The economic effects are based on income and cost decreases, both of which are considered to be actual effects (as they are calculated using actual figures), and not on presumed or estimated effects.

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