Compliant Product List(End-of-Sale Models )

Compliance with the ErP Directive

Compliant Product List(End-of-Sale Models )



Unit Product Name Standby mode power consumption (W) Time needed to enter standby mode (min.) Having networked standby (Yes/No) Networked standby mode power consumption (W) Time needed to enter networked standby mode (min.)
Printer ComColor 9110 0.4 90 No
Printer ComColor 7110 0.4 90 No
Duplicator MZ1070 0.0 5 No
Duplicator RZ1070 0.0 5 No
Duplicator EZ571 0.0 60 No
Duplicator EZ371 0.0 60 No
Duplicator EZ301 0.0 60 No
Duplicator EZ231 0.0 60 No
Duplicator EZ201 0.0 60 No

*1 As soon as printers or duplicators enter stnadby mode, their accessories also enter the mode.

Compliant Product ListCompliant Product List

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