Collection and Recycling of Used Products

"Used products are not wastes but precious resources" in RISO's view. We thus maintain a recycling system whereby we collect used printers or empty ink bottles, in a concerted move toward a recycle-oriented society.

Recycling of Digital Duplicators

Flow Chart of Digital Duplicators

Only conducted in Japan.

RISO collects used digital duplicators from users in japan, which are then dismantled and divided into consumables and reusable components. Though the consumables are replaced, the reusable components are inspected under RISO's quality assurance standards, with only accepte.


Convert Used Products and Components into Reusable Parts

Flow Chart of Digital Duplicators

Flow of component reuse

RISO does everything possible to reuse products and components. Some components are collected for reuse and their consumables are replaced at the RISO Parts Center. They are then used again in the market after undergoing quality testing.


Material Recycling of Ink Bottles and Ink Cartridges

RISO collects used empty ink bottles and ink cartridges from users in Japan for material recycling* or thermal recycling, to effectively utilize resources.

*Material recycle:
Generally, recycling consists of two techniques: material recycling and thermal recycling. Material recycling refers to the processing of waste into more reusable materials. These recycled materials are used in new products.

Flow Chart of Recycling Ink Bottles

Only conducted in Japan.

Flow Chart of Recycling Ink Cartridges

Only conducted in Japan.

Overseas Collection and Recycling

In France, since 2012 RISO has been contracting with CONIBI, a resource recycling firm established through joint investment with major business machine manufacturers, to strengthen collection and recycling of ink bottles and cartridges.

Packaging Material Information

Material information for promoting proper recycling
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