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RISO through the years


RISO KAGAKU CORPORATION was founded in 1946 as a mimeograph printing company in Setagaya, Tokyo. We later developed Japan's first emulsion ink and started manufacturing printing materials. In the mid-1970s, our company began selling personal card printer, Print Gocco and RISOGRAPH printers for office use. Our inkjet business was launched in 2003 with the introduction of our first high-speed color printer.


RISO began selling Japan's first emulsion ink (Riso Ink) in 1954, marking the beginning of our printing material manufacturing business.


Print Gocco was introduced as a communication tool for household use.
Extremely popular, it earned renown as a fun and easy way to create colorful New Year's greeting cards.


Our RISOGRAPH printing system was based on a totally original "new stencil printing" technology. This innovative product allowed users to keep their hands clean, and replaced mimeograph printing.


The first high-speed color printer was born. We developed it based on the concept of "Closer to true colors."

We started subcontracting mimeograph printing services right after WWII.