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To Our Shareholders

Akira Hayama

The management objective of The Sixth Mediumterm Management Plan RISO Vision 19 is to Accomplish the growth of the number of machine installations by taking full advantage of RISO's utmost unique products to ensure a stable revenue & profit growth.

During fiscal 2017, domestic and overseas sales were favorable due to the introduction of new products in the inkjet business.

In fiscal 2018, the second year of RISO Vision 19, our management policy will be Take full advantage of new products to accomplish the increase of the number of machine installations while resolving medium- and long-term management challenges. In keeping with this policy, RISO will continue to focus on sales activities to expand machine installations in markets worldwide.

In fiscal 2017, year-end cash dividends per share were maintained at ¥60.00, the same as in the previous year.

Fiscal 2017 also marked the important milestone of RISOfs 70th anniversary. RISO was able to celebrate its 70th anniversary thanks to the warm support of our stakeholders, to whom I wish to express my deepest appreciation.

I would like to express my deep appreciation and ask our shareholders for their continued support.

June 2017
Akira Hayama
President & CEO

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