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Share Information / Ownership Statistics

Stock Information (As of March 31, 2018)

*The two-for-one stock split was conducted on January 1, 2015. For further information, please refer to the "Notice Regarding Stock Split, Amendment of Articles of Incorporation, and Revision of Dividend Forecast".

Stock Information

Number of shares135,680,000 (No increase or decrease from the end of the previous period)
Number of shares issued47,406,332 (No increase or decrease from the end of the previous period)
Number of shareholders2,402 (A decrease of 202 from the end of the previous period)

Breakdown of stock ownership

Breakdown of stock ownership

Major Shareholders (Top 10 Shareholders)

Shareholder name Number of shares owned
(thousands of shares)
ratio (%)
RISO Limited 4,941 10.42
Riso Educational Foundation 2,661 5.61
Akatsuki Kosan Co., Ltd. 1,959 4.13
Trust & Custody Services Bank., Ltd.
as trustee for the Tokyo Tomin Bank., Ltd.
Retirement Benefit Account re-entrusted by Mizuho Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.
1,567 3.31
Shareholding Association
1,563 3.30
Osamu Hayama 1,194 2.52
Takashi Hayama 1,180 2.49
Akira Hayama 1,155 2.44
Mariko Ito 1,104 2.33

Repurchase of Treasury Stock

During fiscal 2017, RISO repurchased treasury stock as detailed below.

Number of shares repurchased686,700 shares
Total repurchased amount¥1.499 million

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