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Advantage 1 : Eco

Printers for Endless Possibilities ComColor FT 5430/5231/5230/5000 A feature-rich lineup for NATURE-FRIENDLY, ULTRA-FAST full-color printing / Print speed 140 ppm / Cleaner and Friendller

RISO's environmental ethos is - and always has been - to design and develop products that exert the smallest possible impact on the environment throughout their lifecycles.

Low energy consumption

360w (During printing)

  • Operates on standard power
  • Does not generate heat like toner printers

Virtually no harmful emissions

Generates Virtually no ozone

  • Low volumes of VOCs*
  • No toner particle emissions
  • *VOCs: Volatile organic compounds.

Low resource consumption

Less waste

  • High-durability design means few replacement parts
  • Inkjet printers do not require consumables (drum, fuser unit, etc.) like toner printers

Environmental Certifications


Tough body for reliable operation

High-speed, high-volume printing requires a durable body. ComColor FT series is tough enough to print millions of sheets.

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