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VALEZUS T2200 Benefits

VALEZUS High-speed full-color cut-sheet inkjet press High Speed 330ppm A4 long-edge feed Small-Footprint Tandem print engine

High productivity in a compact footprint

RISO's unique inkjet technology has been constantly developed been refined and has evolved over a number of years to offer high productivity of up to 330 ppm* and low runing costs in an extremely compact footprint.

  • * Duplex A4 long-edge feed

Economical initial costs and low energy consumption

VALEZUS T2200 has a low hardware cost in relation to it's outstanding productivity. That means you can economically introduce a color production machine without making a large initial investment. Moreover, the fast-drying oil-based pigment ink we developed enables duplex printing without a heater. This greatly reduces power consumption for printing.

Expanding capability for diverse printing needs

VALEZUS T2200 offers ease of use. The paper path is extremely simple thanks to the needless of fixing or drying units inside the machine. Setting up the machine and replenishing paper take less time by the benefit of the cut-sheet printer. Moreover, because VALEZUS T2200 is very simple to operate, making this device responsive to diverse orders from small to large print jobs.

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