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ComColor GL Series in Videos

ComColor GL9730/7430 Your business is ready for explosive growth.

The world's fastest printing speed

The ComColor GL Series are high-volume high-speed color printers that print at the incredible speed of 165 pages per minute*1. They can really help speed up your printing work.

A detailed explanation of the technology behind high-speed printing

  • *1:Available on ComColor GL9730. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard density setting, and using the Face Down Tray. The world's fastest based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of September 2021 (Source: Data Supply Inc.). The ComColor GL7430 printing speed is 140 pages per minute.

Various functions and expandability

Speedy scanning of both sides in a single pass

The Scanner HS7000 is capable of high-speed scanning and copying.

Offset stacking and stapling is also very fast

The Face Down Finisher G10 can rapidly stack and staple.

Efficient, high-volume printing

The High Capacity Feeder G10/High Capacity Stacker G10 can handle high volume printings in a single run.

Can also perform booklet-making, punching and folding

By connecting the printer to a Multifunction Finisher FG20, bi-folds, tri-folds and mixed-sized Z-folds can all be prepared with ease.

Automation, from printing to envelope insertion and sealing

The Wrapping Envelope Finisher G10 receives the sheets from the printer, folds them in three, inserts them into envelopes and seals the envelopes automatically.

Automated book binding

The Perfect Binder G10 automates the book binding, from printing body page of the book to glue and wrap-around bodypage in the book cover.

Details of Finishers

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