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GOCCOPRO Series Digital Screen Maker

GOCCOPRO QS2536 QS200 100 Digital Screen Maker for Professionals Maximize your productivity!!

Features of the GOCCOPRO Series Digital Screen Printing Machine

Quick, simple, easy operation
  • No screen making experience required
  • Work directly from computer to screen
  • Eliminates steps like exposure and drying
Compact workspace
  • No need for darkrooms and washout booths
  • No need to store large number of screens
  • Compact size fits on a table
Save on time and labor
  • Perfect for short-run printing and test production
  • Otherwise outsourced jobs can be profitably completed in-house
Easy on the environment
  • No need for emulsions and washout
  • Dry screen making process with thermal screen technology

A screen making system that's easy on the environment

Product Line


 GOCCOPRO exhibition schedule


The GOCCOPRO QS200 live action at ISS Long Beach 2014

The first official appearance of a new model of the GOCCOPRO series at one of the largest trade show dedicated to the decorated apparel industry. Watch live action of our new screen maker which is A2 wide size and capable for multi color printing.

The How to operate the GOCCOPRO 100

In addition to the operation procedures, see printed samples and main features.

Compilation Tokyo produced by Goliga

A photography event held on April 6th and 7th, 2013, in Tokyo by GOLIGA and SPBH (Self Publish, Be Happy) Twelve photographers prepared their own works and printed them using the GOCCOPRO 100 as part of a limited-edition of publication, COMPILATION.

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