GOCCOPRO Series testimonials

Public vocational training center3Kyoto Yamashina

We decided to introduce the GOCCOPRO 100 because disabled people can also easily produce screen-printed goods with their own design ideas, and they feel great satisfaction and excitement while working on the whole process of screen-printing.

Private vocational training center3ALSOK Business Support

The GOCCOPRO 100, RISO's digital screen maker, makes it possible to produce value-added printed goods, make a profit, and employ more physically disabled people. This machine is also ideal for companies interested in CSR and companies promoting CSR activities.


Clothing shop <Original design print>3MatchBox

Amazing! A screen printing beginner can very easily make a screen on the GOCCOPRO100. Besides, this machine helps us make profits.


Vocational aid centre3Kawagoe Imonoko Centre

The GOCCOPRO100 is safe and friendly for physically or mentally handicapped people to use. It is also of great help in developing their skills and giving work motivation to them.


Original T-shirts creator3Andy Works

Screen making is so easy and so fast. GOCCOPRO100 has expanded the range of expressions by screen printing.


Personalized towel print service3Sanso Corporation

The GOCCOPRO100 can make a screen directly from customer's original data, and you have no worries about pin holes and making a loss due to Direct-To-Screen system. The GOCCOPRO100 is the one that really fits demand of the times.


Online print shop3JAM Corporation

GOCCOPRO100 is user-friendly and cost effective. So, we are using
GOCCOPRO100 for our printing workshop and for service of supplying imaged screens to our customers.


Professional screen printer3Sun Art & Crafts

Professional printers want more orders and new challenges. This solution is for professional screen printers.


Professional T-shirts printer3Kume Textile Company

Our clients want their own original goods in small lots. That's why I chose GOCCOPRO100.

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