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Advantage 2 : Productivity

Printers for Endless Possibilities ComColor FT 5430/5231/5230/5000 A feature-rich lineup for NATURE-FRIENDLY, ULTRA-FAST full-color printing / Print speed 140 ppm / Smarter and Faster

Enjoy enhanced time efficiency, optimized TCO, and consistently high quality that only RISO can deliver.

High speed, high productivity

140ppm (A4LEF)

  • First print time of less than 5 seconds
  • 1,000 sheets in only 7 minutes

High reliability

Less downtime

  • Simple inkjet mechanism is durable and requires few replacement parts
  • Low maintenance

High usability

Simple operation

  • Intuitively designed user interface
  • 90-degree tilt panel for easy viewing

Heatless printing process

Paper In-line inkjet print head Feeding belt ENGINE TECHNOLOGY FORCEJET

RISO's proprietary technology features in-line Piezo inkjet print heads which make possible single-pass full-color printing without generating heat.

Reduces energy, emissions

RISO inkjet printers do not generate heat during printing, nor do they generate ozone like toner printers.

Increases speed, efficiency

Oil-based ink is fast drying so paper doesn't curl, allowing you to move quickly to post-print processes.

Stationary print heads

Stationary print heads make possible stable, high-quality printing even at high speeds. And the simple paper feed mechanism enables printing on various types of paper.

Why inkjet?

Inkjet printing is more nature-friendly than laser printing, and still delivers excellent quality when printing in full color. And RISO technologies have also supported the advancement of high-volume industrial printing.

Why oil-based pigment ink?

  • Oil-based pigment ink enables flat, cold, dry output.

  • Water-based inks are prone to
    deformation such as rippling and curling.

It offers superior fading and water resistance, as well as strong resistance to bleeding. And, as it is fast-drying, paper rarely gets dirty or rippled - even during high-speed printing - enabling smooth high-speed duplex printing and transition to post-print processes.

High cost efficiency

Low running cost

  • Proprietary ink and color profile development enable high quality at low running cost
  • Short printing time means reduced labor and electricity costs

High image quality

Enhanced visibility and color reproduction

  • Piezo drop-on-demand print heads
  • Fast-drying oil-based ink for minimal bleeding and smearing
  • New, higher black density improves visibility

High media flexibility

Lightweight to heavyweight paper, as well as envelopes

  • 46gsm-400gsm
    (when optional accessories attached)

ComColor standard - high color quality

RISO developed its own intelligent color profile to maximize color reproduction and minimize bleeding. ComColor Standard assesses the color data and paper type, and adjusts the volume of ink applied based on the paper's absorption characteristics.

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