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ComColor GD Consumables

ComColor GD Consumables


ComColor GD Ink Cartridge

Replenishing ink is clean and easy with slim ink cartridges and the ComColor's clever design.
Colors : Black Cyan Magenta Yellow Gray (1,000ml per color)

ComColor Staple

Staple for the Face Down Finisher.

Product Name Specifications
ComColor Staple 50 15,000 Pieces/Box

Staple for the Multifunction Finisher.

Product Name Specifications
HC Staple 100 15,000 Pieces/Box
HC Staple Booklet 20,000 Pieces/Box

Wrapping Envelope Form

Form paper for the Wrapping Envelope Finisher.

Product Name Specifications
Envelope Form A 233 mm × 296 mm
Envelope Form B 233 mm × 391 mm
Envelope Form C 243 mm × 296 mm (9 9/16" × 11 21/32")
  • *Supported paper may differ according to the model.

Perfect Binder Consumables

Consumables for the Perfect Binder.

Perfect Binder Glue Sheet

1 roll/Box

Perfect Binder Primary Filter

6 Sheets/Box

Perfect Binder Secondary Filter

1 Piece/Box

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