Advantage 1: High Productivity

Improve office print work with unparalleled printing speed
  • Advantage 1: High Productivity
  • Advantage 2: Broad Compatibility
  • Advantage 3: Diverse Options

Unparalleled High-Speed Printing

The World's Fastest Color Print Speed at 150 ppm*1

ComColor offers the world's fastest full color simplex office printer speed, at 150 ppm*1. ComColor's unparalleled speed enables handling of high-volume print jobs faster, drastically reducing necessary work hours.

Maximum full color duplex print speed is 75 ppm (150 pages) *2. Precise paper path controllers make duplex printing jobs as quick as simplex, further increasing the productivity of print work.

  • *1:Available on ComColor 9150/9110. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, continuous printing in standard mode, based on office color printers using cut sheet commercially available as of February 2015. (Source: RISO data). Print speeds may vary based on paper output destination/options.
  • *2:Available on ComColor 9150/9110. A4 long-edge feed, duplex, continuous printing in standard mode.

See in action See in action

Fast from the First Sheet: High-Speed Data Processing

Printing of the first sheet begins in less than five seconds*1 after print job is sent from the computer, making for shorter waiting times.

  • *1:Time from receipt of job to output, within 10 minutes after last print job. A4 long-edge feed, simplex, standard paper feed tray, standard output tray.

Fast Copying Option

The scanner reads documents at a speed of 50 ppm*1 simplex and 24 ppm*1 duplex, ensuring superior ComColor productivity for high-volume copy jobs as well as printing.

  • *1:A4 long-edge feed.
  • *Scanner stand is necessary to connect scanner (sold separately).

Scanner HS5000

High-Speed Finishing Option

A variety of optional output equipment is available to make optimum use of ComColor's high-speed, such as paper feed/output units for batch processing of forms for transaction, or finishers to automate document creation, booklet making or direct mailings (including insertion and sealing) in one-stop. ComColor ensures better efficiency by being faster, from printing all the way to finishing.

  • *Print speeds may vary based on attached output accessories and functions in use.

PostScript controller increases processing powerOption

The ComColorExpress IS1000C/950C can store thousands of print jobs, for faster handling of transaction and high-volume variable printing in a shorter amount of time.

IS1000C IS950C
CPU:Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 3.4GHz
CPU:Intel® Pentium® G850 2.9GHz

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Affordable Printing Cost Advantage

Reducing running costs

RISO's standard color profile intelligently controls the quantity of ink drops used for each individual color, according to the paper type, to effectively reproduce the original image.

Save even more ink by printing in single color

Single color printing enables cost reducing. Print using one color (black, cyan or magenta) for a colorful effect with reduced ink consumption.

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RISO technology drives high-speed,
high-volume printers to new heights

In-line inkjet print heads

In-line inkjet print heads.Transfer belt

Four wide in-line inkjet heads arranged in parallel allow very speedy full color printing of A3/ledger-size paper at a single pass.
Eight-step control per ink drop per color dot assures excellent results with fine tonal gradations.

Stable paper feeds

A reliable paper-feeding mechanism paves the way for high-speed printing with minimal print offset. Paper-feeding speed is intelligently controlled according to how much ink sprays from the print head. Also, multiple sensors help to keep paper jams and other problems to a minimum.

Special fast-drying ink

To suit the ultra high-speed duplex printing capabilities of the ComColor, RISO developed special fast-drying, fade-resistant, water-resistant oil-based inks that prevent set-off and paper curl.

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To those considering purchasing ComColor

Choose your printer and options by comparing functionality and use. Choosing the ComColor for You

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