Information Security

The functions to secure information

Printer Security Tools for Sensitive Information

  • PIN Codes for Secure Printing

    PIN codes can be set for data, requiring that the code is entered on the control panel before printing. Additionally, print job titles can be configured not to display, helping to prevent the information leaks when printing confidential documents.

    PIN Codes for Secure Printing

  • Compatible with IPv6*1


    Compatible with next-generation protocol IPv6*1, which implements IPsec*2 single IP packet security processing as standard. Advanced protocols help to prevent network information leaks.

    • *1:Internet Protocol Version 6
    • *2:Security Architecture for Internet Protocol
  • Encryption of Scanned PDF DataOption

    Image data scanned and saved in PDF format can be encrypted, helping to prevent information leakage even in accessible or unsecured work environments.

    Scanner HS5000

  • User Management

    Separate user login settings for each mode (printer, copier and scanner) allow for thorough user management.

Enhanced Printer Management Menus

Tracking Page Counts

Administrative users can access page count statistics and track monthly usage, helping to more effectively manage printer use.

ComColor Monitoring

Usage status, remaining paper and ink, and other maintenance items for ComColor can be confirmed via web browser*1.

  • *1:Computer and printer must be connected via network.

Configure Accessible Functions per User

Thorough user management is available, including group and user restrictions on functions and page counts.

Simple Printer Maintenance

Easy Replenishing of Paper/Changing Ink Cartridges

Handles on the paper feed trays are designed so that they can be opened either over-handed or under-handed when replenishing paper supplies. Additionally, ink cartridges can be removed one color at a time for easier cartridge replenishment.

Color Touch Panel Guidance

If a paper jam occurs in the printer, finisher or auto-feeder, printing will stop and the location of the jam and appropriate method of removal will be displayed on the touch panel. Paper jams can be smoothly fixed by following the on-screen guidance.

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