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Double your colours for double the impact and immediacy in your documents. ME series printers provide the power of two-colour printing at just a single pass, making it easy and convenient to give your documents a professionally finished look. RISO quality lets you communicate your ideas quickly, beautifully, easily, and usefully. And the highly durable ME series take various type of paper, making them more versatile than ever.

High Productivity

A two-drum layout for high-speed two-colour printing.

The RISO ME9350 digital duplicator comes with dual drums. Compared to using single-colour digital duplicators for two-colour output, this reduces ink-drying time and the tasks of reinserting paper and changing drums. One simple action gives you the high-speed colour printing you need. (Single-colour printing using one drum is also possible.)

Up to 150 pages a minute in two crisp colours.

The RISO ME9350 features an adjustable five-speed function for printing between 60 and 120 pages per minute. It also has a high-speed mode that prints at a maximum speed of 150 pages per minute, or approximately 750 pages in five minutes.

Note: Comparison of the RISO ME9350 (150 pages per minute) and a standard printer (30 A4-size pages per minute).

The larger the job volume, the lower the operating cost.

The RISO ME9350 first creates a master copy of the original document, from which prints are made. The printing cost per copy of a document goes down with every print, making the RISO ME9350 highly economical for large-volume printing. You can use the optional “A4/letter drum” to print these popular sizes even more efficiently to save master usage, holding down running costs to a minimum.

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High Quality

High-resolution 600 dpi scanning and printing gives clear output.

The RISO ME9350 digital duplicator both scans and prints information at a high resolution level of 600 dpi, producing sharp, clear images of even fine lines and small characters. The model uses the RISO Master E Type HG, with a two-layer ink-permeable sheet adding an extra fine-filter layer to the standard layer, enabling even ink transfer to the paper. It can also reproduce subtle colour gradations, enabling users to print clear copies of photos, shaded areas of images, and documents written in pencil.

A rainbow of variety for your work.

The machine’s colour drum accommodates a wide variety of inks in 21 standard colours, 50 custom colours, plus special order-made colours that can give corporate logos an extra-special look. This huge selection of colours lets you add powerful impact to your documents. And because the ink is made by RISO, you’re assured of the highest quality results. Front panel access makes switching the drum quick and easy to change colour, too.

Note: The actual colours may differ from the samples shown above.

Versatile printing on different paper types.

The RISO ME9350 lets you use a wide range of paper types, giving you the perfect option for your job every time. Advertising fliers and leaflets, announcements, newsletters, tickets, business applications such as letterheads, reports and business cards, lesson materials, invitations, coupons; the list just goes on and on. If you can print it, it's sure to look better with a second colour.

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Ease of Operation

Print from hard copies, a computer, a USB drive, or stored data.

For users who create originals on a PC, the printer driver software automatically handles colour separation when the data is sent to the printer. Even if the printer is not connected to your PC or network, you can still print directly from your data file. Just save the file to a USB flash drive, connect the flash drive to the printer via the built-in USB port, and you’re ready to print. And of course you can print from copies scanned directly into the unit.

Easier master-making with “Easy 2-colour” for original hard copy.

The ME series “Easy 2-colour” process not only makes it quick and easy to create two-colour masters, it also offers you a choice of how to do it so you can select the method you find easiest or the one that's most suitable for your print job.

Red and black original
A red and black original gives the simplest master-making process. Just set your original and scan—the ME series automatically does the colour separation for you.
Handwritten separation
With a one-colour original, you can write the data you want printed in the second colour in pencil. Then you simply scan and the colours are separated automatically.
Area separation
On a one-colour original you just circle the areas for printing in the second colour. Then scan your marked original and the colour separation process happens automatically.
Separation sheet
With area separation, you have to mark your original. If you don’t wish to write on your original, simply circle the area for printing in the second colour on a separate sheet of paper and scan twice for colour separation.
RISO Editor
The RISO Editor lets you directly specify on the touch panel which areas should be in which colour, or even move photos, illustrations, or blocks of text.

The layout function saves paper by consolidating information on a single page.

With “Multi-up” function, documents that run into several pages can be consolidated into fewer pages and in an easier-to-read format, thus reducing the amount of paper required for printing.

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Convenient Functionality

Advanced print functions for even more convenient use.

The “Programmed printing” feature saves you from repeatedly having to enter how many copies to print by assigning the number of copies per set in advance. Previous models allowed separation of printed copies into 50 groups, but with the ME9350 you can set up to 150 groups for your print jobs. Operation stops after printing each set of copies. The RISO Job Separator IV:NIII, an optional feature on the RISO ME9350 digital duplicator, enables tape to be inserted between printing jobs even during high-speed printing and speedily separates the printed paper into lots of specified numbers, all without interrupting the printing process.

The RISO Job Separator IV:NIII
When combined with the “Programmed printing” function, it distinguishes between different printing jobs and separates the printed paper into groups accordingly.

Reliable security features for your peace of mind.

By registering the names and PIN codes of authorised users, access can be restricted and misuse prevented. Instead of a PIN code, a USB flash drive*1 can also be used for authentication and registration.*2 The Protect function displays a message asking the user to transfer the master to the Master Disposal Box after printing is completed. For additional security, it is also possible to use a padlock to secure the Master Disposal Box.*3

  • *1 Please contact a RISO sales executive for the kinds of USB flash drives that may be used.
  • *2 Either a PIN code or a USB flash drive can be selected as the authentication method.
  • *3 A padlock is not provided with the main unit. Please use a commercially available padlock.

Note: A maximum of 100 users, including the administrator, can be registered.


Disposal Box

Keep track of the unit’s usage stats with accurate monitoring functions.

The “RISO Copy Count Viewer” manages the counter data (number of prints, masters, etc.) output to a USB drive from your computer.

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