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ComColor GD Specifications

ComColor GD 9630/9631/7330 Best Performance, Fastest Output. 1MINUTE 160 pages

ComColor GD Series

Product Name Print Speed Paper Feed Specification Paper Size  
ComColor GD9630 160ppm*1 Multiple Paper Trays/Standard Tray A3/Ledger Specs
ComColor GD9631 160ppm*1 Standard Tray A3/Ledger Specs
ComColor GD7330 130ppm*1 Multiple Paper Trays/Standard Tray A3/Ledger Specs
  • *1: A4 long-edge feed. When using plain paper or recycled paper (85 gsm (23-lb bond)), and density setting Standard. Chart used: Print measurement pattern [Color measurement sample 2 (JEITA standard pattern J6)]. The continuous print speed varies depending on the type of optional output equipment connected.

ComColor GD Accessories

Product Name   Features  
Scanner HS7000 The auto feeder enables copying and scanning of duplex originals of up to 200 sheets*1 at a time. Specs
Face Down Finisher G10 A compact finisher exclusively for offset stacking or stapling of finished prints. Specs
Multifunction Finisher FG10 Intelligent inline functions performed automatically simplify the finishing process.
  • Stapling / Punching / Folding / Booklet making
Folder unit FG10 Folder Unit FG10 supports A4 tri-fold*2. Mixedsize documents using A3-size and A4-size bundles by Z-folding the A3-size sheets*3. Specs
RISO Auto-Control Stacking Tray The paper guides automatically open to the correct width to match the paper in use. Specs
Wide Stacking Tray Special paper receiving tray for large size paper. Specs
High Capacity Feeder G10 The High Capacity Feeder and High Capacity Stacker step up the printing capacity of the ComColor GD series to 4,000 sheets* without replenishing the paper. A wider range of print jobs is possible through thicker paper and envelopes, as well as A3/Ledger-size paper.
* Height up to 440 mm (17 11/32")
High Capacity Stacker G10 During the step after printing, the High Capacity Stacker can be set to stack face up or face down. The sets are stacked so that they are offset. This option allows stacking of larger output volumes with reduced user intervention. Convenient removal and transport of the printed output is possible using the High Capacity Stacker Cart. Specs
Wrapping Envelope Finisher G10 Wrapping Envelope Finisher is a unique RISO mailing solution which is the industry's first complete in-line print-tomail solution engineered for high-volume output for professional productivity. Specs
Perfect Binder G10 Perfect Binder increases productivity by dramatically reducing operator intervention and allowing for production of sixty-two 100-page duplex A4 sized books, printed and bound, in an hour, accommodating varying book thicknesses up to 600 pages, and handling binding from 1.5 mm to 30 mm (approximately 15 to 300 sheets). Specs
ComColorExpress FS2000C FS2000C, an EFI Fiery ® server for RISO ComColor GD series, helps improve operation and the management of print jobs, files and media. The Fiery Command WorkStation® is an intuitive way for users to manage all Fiery® Driven printers locally or remotely. Specs
ComColorExpress RS1100C RIP software that supports the functions and workflows essential for transactional printing, bringing high productivity to every business environment. Specs
PS Kit FG10 - PS Kit supports a variety of operating systems, and PDF files can be printed directly from USB flash drives. Specs
IC Card Authentication Kit - The optional IC Card Authentication Kit enables user management using an IC card. Specs
Envelope Feed Kit
Compatible with paper weight 50 gsm to 120 gsm. Specs
Card feed kit Allows use of thicker stock such as cards and envelopes. Specs
RISO Security Package G10 - This is to enhance security functions with encrypted communication functions or user authentication functions to prevent tampering by a third party.
This product comply GD series to ISO15408 certification with HCD PP (Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices).
  • *1:80gsm (21-lb bond) or less
  • *2:1 sheet per fold.
  • *3:When using an application that supports mixed-size printing. Supports Ledger/Letter-size, A3/A4-size, and B4/B5-size combinations.

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