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GOCCOPRO QS1836 features

The Next-Generation Digital Screen Maker GOCCOPRO QS1836 Professional Model with Precise Image Quality and Accurate Registration Suitable for A3 Sized Screen Making

Main Features of the GOCCOPRO QS1836

Accurate Registration and Precise Image Quality. Precise registration enables full and multi-color printing. Capable of reproducing fine gradations with a 1,200 dpi perforation density. Suitable for A3 size image. Perfect size for using 565-mm width screen master. Applicable to table screen printers. *Maximum image size: 350mm×759mm (13.7" x 29.8") with a frame thickness of 20mm (0.7")
Quick, simple, easy operation
  • No screen making experience required
  • Work directly from computer to screen
  • Eliminates steps like exposure and drying
Compact workspace
  • No need for darkrooms and washout booths
  • No need to store large number of screens
  • Compact size fits on a table
  • Corresponds to narrow frames resulting in lower screen master cost
  • Outsourced jobs can be profitably completed in-house
  • Perfect for short-run printing and test production
Easy on the environment
  • No need for emulsions and washout
  • Dry screen making process with thermal screen technology
Helping to reduce global warming

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Digital Screen making process

RISO Dry Thermal Screen Making System is a CTS* system with a thermal head that heat-perforates a screen master of mesh laminated with film. Enables low-cost, speedy screen making even for sample and small-lot production, and across a wide range of jobs, from multi-color T-shirts to name plates.

Screen making process GOCCOPRO QS1836 Artwork Stretch screen onto a frame Screen making directly from PC(Quick) Screen created Screen making process Conventional Method Artwork Film positive Stretch screen onto a frame Coat screen with emulsion Drying Exposure Development Washout Drying Screen created Environmentally aware Less electricity consumed. No waste water generated. Powder coated body. No use of solvents.

* Computer To Screen

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