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Advantage 4:Highly Intuitive

ComColor GD 9630/9631/7330 Best Performance, Fastest Output. 1MINUTE 160 pages

Easy Operation via the Intuitive Operation Panel

Color LCD Panel

The operation panel is a nine-inch color LCD touch screen for direct operation by touching functions and swiping screens.

[ Home 1 ] screen:Main menu area(Displays main menu),Sub menu area(Displays sub menu) Status bar(Displays user name and machine condition)

Tilt Positioning

A quick tilt of the screen makes for optimal viewing and convenient operation by anyone at any time.

Multiple Menus Provide Quick Access to a Variety of Tasks

Favorites / Edit Button Order

Users can pre-set favorite settings, which can be accessed from any mode.
Setting details can be confirmed via the displayed icons. Order of functions can be changed at will.

View Selection

In addition to a list, a thumbnail view can be accessed in order to check images on the screen.

Shortcut Icons

Up to nine shortcuts of [Favorites] can be registered on the [Home 2] screen.

[ Home 1 ] screen:Scroll mark(Leading to [Home 2] screen).[ Home 2 ] screen

Scanning Preview

The image can be checked before saving scanned data.

Additional Copy

Same as for printing out, copy data remains in the ComColor GD series, so additional copies can be made without reloading using originals*.
* Setting by Administrator required.

Custom Paper Entry

By feeding the paper into the ComColor GD series, paper size can be measured automatically for custom paper registrations.

Multi-part Paper Printing

Print same original data on paper set at multiple feeding trays as if printing carbonless multi-part business forms.

Page Border

A function that lets a border be added automatically to enhance the look of posters and handbills.

Multiple Network Segments

Two LAN ports* can be set up separately from the segment network, making printing possible from an internal or other network, to accommodate guests using tablet computers.
*[LAN1] cannot be selected when using the optional print controller.

Scan-to-Mail (START TLS support)

START TLS is added for encryption setting to support Office365 mail server in e-mail setting.

Acquire LDAP Mail Address

Connecting to an internal directory with LDAP authentication ensures quick configuration for a large number of users. On login, the user's mail address is automatically retrieved, saving a setup step.

Address Book

Increased functionality and operability lets individual users add and select up to 30 addresses, or add up to 300 common addresses that can be accessed by all co-workers.

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