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Advantage 3:Quality First

ComColor GD 9630/9631/7330 Best Performance, Fastest Output. 1MINUTE 160 pages

Built-in Quality and Flexibility, and Enhanced Color Reproduction Features

Taking Quality to a Higher Level

The ComColor GD series is engineered with features that ensure stable output quality for consistent printing results at high speed, including a Piezo system that regulates ink amount. Black image quality has been improved by installing a newly-developed print head and black ink. Additional inks enrich the look of images and enhance overall color quality.
This unique RISO technology and approach to the printing process brings the added benefits of a low total cost of ownership when compared with toner technology, and greater control over cost management. It also enables practical migration away from simply highlight color or mono production to a cut sheet white paper solution. This provides genuine added value, as it eliminates the need to hold large volumes of pre-printed stock and opens up possibilities for a leap forward in color printing.

Consistent Output Quality

The ComColor GD series offers higher image quality and consistent printing results through RISO inkjet technology that features a Piezo system, which ensures stable output by controlling and regulating the amount of ink deposited on the paper.

Best Black Density

A newly-developed 600 dpi print head for black with special black ink supported by gray as a fifth ink delivers top quality, 10% higher black density than ever.

ComColor GD inkjet print heads: 300 dpi x 2 lines,2 lines makes 600 dpi for black.Optical Density,Black Density,Primary ComColor,Previous ComColor,ComColor GD,Approximate measurements

Enriched Color Images

ComColor GD [High Chromogenic] mode,New magenta ink,Previous ink,Yellow,Orange,Red,Magenta,Violet,Blue,Cyan,Green

Newly-developed magenta ink significantly improves full-color image quality by expanding the color gamut.

Optimized Gradations

The fifth color, gray ink in combination with black ink, is applied for higher quality gradations, which contributes to denser blacks, suppression of roughness, and improved color reproduction and stability.

Denser Blacks

Light,Without gray ink,Reflected light,With gray ink,Inside the paper.Previous ComColor,ComColor GD

Use of a special gray ink in combination with black ink diminishes light reflection on the paper to result in a denser black saturation on the page.

Roughness Suppression

For color printing, application of the gray ink in addition to CMY inks reduces graininess for smoother results.

Improved Color Reproduction

For color printing, application of the gray ink in addition to CMY inks, colors are accurately reproduced with finer gradation, for richer colors on the page.

Improved Color Stability

Without gray ink,With gray ink

For printing of gray areas, application of the gray ink in addition to CMYK inks result in more stabilized grays, reducing the instability of dot alignment of color registration.

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