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GOCCOPRO QS200 features

Digital Screen Maker GOCCOPRO QS200 A2 wide (16 × 24") image size High-spec model capable for multi color printing

Main Features of the GOCCOPRO QS200

● Accurate registration enables multi color printing
            ● Detailed and precise imaging at a resolution of 600 dpi
            ● A2wide (16 x 24") image size
            ● Suitable for a broad range of commercial printing jobs
  • · No screen making experience required
    · Work directly from computer to screen
    · Eliminates steps like exposure and drying
  • · Compact size fits on a table
    · No need for darkrooms and washout booths
    · No need to store large number of screens
  • · Perfect for short-run printing and test production
    · Otherwise outsourced jobs can be profitably completed in-house
  • · No need for emulsions and washout
    · Dry screen making process with thermal screen technology
Helping to reduce global warming

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Digital Screen making process

  • 1Set a screen stretched onto a frame.
  • 2Send data from PC
  • 3Start screen making
  • Screen is ready to print
Image to screeen: approx. 3 minutes for A2 size
* The screen is A2 size (16.5"/420mm × 23.4"/594mm).

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